Chicago Nickel City 5/08/04 Bi weekly results:


6 games were played this time:

SSBM: (12 players)

3rd:Kris"Dr Killpatient"Walls:Ganon(tie)
3rd:Rob “XCTU”-Peach(Tie)

Boo gets his revenge on Von From last tourney…Good shit to all placers.

GGXX: (12 players)

1st:BOZAC (elven shadow)-Faust 2.0
3rd:Juicy G-Sol

we had a special guest as Romel "chaotic Blue"appeared for a brief stay.But left early to tend to family matters.Mike ripped everyone a new one as his an improved faust beat up everyone in his way.He beats George in winners Final 3-1.Ari then beats George in loser Final 3-0 But loses to Mike 4-2 in final.

St:10 players

1st:Juicy G-OG sagat
2nd:Rashad "R-ism"Miller-Chun li
3rd:kris "Dr Killpatient"Walls-OG ken

George Beats Rashad in winners final 3-1.He beats kris in loser final 3-1.Then loses to George in Final 4-0

Cvs2:9 players

1st:Floe-a groove blanka/sak/hibiki
2nd:Juicy G: K-akuma/cammy/sagat
3rd:Kris walls:K-ken/geese/gat

George wins winner final even tho ari plays on shitty 1st side.Ari then beats kris in loser final.then beats George 2-0 in final after George Forfeits because he had to play on shitty 1st player side himself.

mvc2: 14 players

1st:Juicy G-msp/rowtron
2nd:Mark V BKA GERONIMO’s LITTLE BROTHER:eek: :eek: -msp

The big story here is Mark V who everyone around the chi knows as Geronimo’s Bro who’s like 10x better than Geronimo (sorry mike;) ).Beast his way thru everyone.He beast up…I mean Beat up floe and Tony K,Eliminating them both in the process,Then Jumps out to 3-1 lead against George with his msp.But George comes back with rowtron and takes 3 in a short,that kid is a good bet to become the chi’s next dominator.

3s: 20:eek: :confused: players

1st:Juicy G-yun
3rd: Domingo 'nigga D"ayala-urien

George wins his 1st 3s tourney in almost a year,George beats Domingo in winners semi’s 2-1,and floe gets his revenge on eric for last tournies loss.Ari beats George 3-1 in winners final.George beats domingo again 3-0 in loser final.Then george beats Ari in final 4-2,4-2.

Great games to fools be safe,Peace



Yeah…I would be offended…but even I know it’s true :eek: :confused: :mad: :bluu: :(. Howevver, I wouldn’t say 10x, only maybe 3x-4x :wink: :p.

Anyways, fun times, MvC2 finals were some of the most entertaining in a long time. Shit, I mean, EVEN RONALDO showed up!

  • Mike

P.S. Romel’s a pretty cool guy, too bad he couldn’t stay longer.


Marvel finals were intense, yo. It was awesome seeing and playing against everyone again.


There is WAAAAAAAAAYYYY too many outstanding players in chicago man!!! Fucking Midwest Championships and Evo, HERE WE COME!!!



I told you all, he’s the future KoC! Good shit! Team marc(k) we don’t play. we don’t.

With all the praise, as your teacher i expect perfection…"But lee, listen lee…LEE! SMACK! Next time don’t get excited when you’re up on the KoC. You’ll learn it with experience!"HUGS!



:lol: hence the avatar

More Detailed Results:


1st-Juicy G
5th-Rashad"R-ism"-Chun li
5th-Eric"Bob Washington"Collazo-hugo/urien
7th-Mark V “Geronimo’s Bro”-yun


3rd:Juicy G
4th:Jim"Cracka J"Lapointe-Slayer/gHeTTo chipp
5th:Romel "chaotic blue"shaheed-Johnny/jam (forfeited)
5th:Eric Collazo-Po/sol
7th: Douglas ward-Sol
7th: Dennis “ukyo tachibana”-Sol


1st:Juicy G
2nd:Mark V
3rd:Tony K
4th:Tony R-Cable/storm/Capcom
5th:Rashad miller-Scrubclops
5th: Ari"Floe"weintraub-mag/cable/sent-y,msp
7th:Mike "Geronimo"V-mag/cable/Im
7th:Ronaldo"odlandor"vargas-Rowtron,Rowtron 2.0


4th:ari weintraub-Vega
5th: Douglas-ryu/Og sagat


Ok, first off, I ran ST :D. And the more detailed results for MvC2 that Juicy G posted are wrong. They really went:

1st = George “Juicy G” Fed - Team Row, MSP, Ryu | Cable | Sentinel
2nd = Mark “GLB” Villanueva - MSP
3rd = Tony “noise54” Kao - SSCapCom, Magneto | Sentinel | Tron
4th = Tony R - Cable | Storm | CapCom
5th tie = Rashad “R-Ism” Miller - ScrubClops & Ari “fLoE” Weintraub - MSP, Magneto | Cable | Sentinel <Y>
7th tie = Mike “Geronimo” Villanueva - MCI, MSP & Ronaldo “Odlanor” Vargas - Team Row, MSS <A>

Real results provided by Odlanor, who ran MvC2.

Hope that helps.

  • Geronimo

P.S. My bro played Ken in 3S, I’m the one who played Yun.