Chicago Nickel city 6/5/04 results!


1st:George"Juicy G"Fed-Sol

George wins again.Defeating Bozac in winner final 3-0,Bozac beats ari in loser final 3-0 (??)then loses to George in final 4-2.


2nd:Juicy G
3rd:Kris "Dr. Killpatient"Walls

Ari punches out kris with Rc’s in winner final,George beats kris in loser final.then loses to ari in final 2-1.


2nd;Juicy G-ken/chun
3rd:Eric"Bob washington"Collazo-Hugo/ken

Ari wins winner final 3-1,George beats eric in loser final 3-1.then loses final to ari 4-2


1st:Juicy G-rowtron
3rd:Tony K-Santhrax,MST

Sergio"player unknown"Valadez Scored his 1st tourney victory over george with an upset in the 2nd round(good shit sergio and BTW i wasn’t mad at you at all but i was 100% mad at myself for just playing really bad and being outsmarted, but you played hella smart and showed flashes of brilliance i always knew you was capable of so once again great shit :slight_smile: ).But loses to tony k in the next round.Marc beats Tony in winner final 3-0,George then Comes way back from losers(defeating pretty much every top chicago player in the process).to take the final from marc 4-1,4-3.Great games to all and this SATURDAY will be the FINAL tournament before mwc so please be there for the festivites and gaming. Peace


results from 5/28 that i forgot to post:


2nd:Juicy G
3rd:Tony k


1st:Juicy G
2nd:Jon "Darmonde"lin-ibuki
3rd:Bob washington


1st:Juicy G
2nd:Elven shadow
3rd: Dennis"Ukyo tachibana"-Sol/anji

Good shit sergio…

I used to think it’d always just be me and george in the finals automatically cause it was just that we were on another level. Well after my hiatus in college, I no longer feel that way, everyone has improved A LOT and are quickly reaching our level. I realized this watching George running the gauntlet on everybody and him having close matches with everyone. A well deserved victory i’d say.

Keep up the good work guys.

On a down note, chicago magneto sucks (including mine and george’s imo)…or maybe it’s just that all of our sentinels are that damn beastly. :evil:

Snapple matches >>> EC money matches

dam… thats pretty crazy! but ya since that was supposed to be me… there were no rc’s in winners finals cuz i didnt have a chair and i cant rc without a chair so poop on u =P

I’ll be back next Sat. …

Good shit to all my Chicago homiez that represented in the tourny.

Too bad i won’t be going to MWC this year cuz i gotta open up Universal Studios Hollywood’s new roller coaster, Revenge of the Mummy the Ride. Hope all you fools do well.

I hope to see George, Marc, Sergio, D, and the rest of the chicago crew at Evo this year. Take care

Peace Out!!

My mag is Just fine on any other sticks…it’s Just at nickels does it turn to shit and completly unreliable

*Reads the quoted post again…

I don’t know what you’re talking about…:stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

Holla at your boy Dash :wink:


boo play some real games :stuck_out_tongue:

damn, i wish i got the change to play george when i was there. tch

Chaotic Blue