Chicago Nickel City 9/6/03 results


Juicy G posting at derek’s house

3s results
2nd:Tony Defily:Ken/yang
3rd:George Fed:yun
4th:jon “darmonde”:ibuki
5th:Arshia “shadowmx”:???I think Ken

rundown:Ari goes through this Tourney almost uncontested.Turtle chun too powaful.George decides against Ken and tries yun.and loses to ari in winners final 3-1 and against tony in loser final 3-2.Ari then defeats Tony 4-2.

Svc results:

Ari and George Tied for 1st because svc is beyond help and was pointless to play.Jim “cracka J” gets 3rd.Both Ari and George Played Chun with Ari playing Shiki as well.


1st:George "Juicy G"Fed:Sol
2nd:Mike "elvenshadow:Bozcar bka BOZAC!!!:Faust
4th:Eric "Panthro:Collazo: potemkin/Slayer/sol
5th:cracka J:Axl

George comes back from losers to defeat ari 3-0 then defeats bozac 4-2,4-3 in a thrilling finale.


1st:Juicy :BONERINE/storm/sent,Storm/sent/capcom,cyke,/sent/capcom
2nd: Dereklearnslow:mag/storm/sent,Storm/sent/capcom
3rd:Floe:Msp,Team Row
4th:victor:Team scrub

Rundown:George STEALS 2 games off of derek with BONERINE on point (Big ups to Joe Zaza).But Derek ruins the Fun by taking the last 3 games and takes winner final 3-2.George then Defeats Ari with his Cyke team.Then Beats Derek 4-0 then 4-3 off of the fact derek wants to get Fancy and tries to GC thru a HSF when He should’ve played safe ;).Great games to all and see you fools next week.


Whoa Kris got 5th in XX? Mad props man, you’re definitely getting better… And congratulations to everyone who placed.

Hahahaha…and Bozac loses to Sol again, this time against George… wow… this used to be not a problematic match for him, but now…hmm. Interesting. :smiley:

I wish I was there. :frowning:


Agreed, congrats to Kris, now I really wish I could have been there…:frowning:


svc is almost as good as the 2003 bears.
we should switch that game out for a rock/paper/scissors dueling station.


Me=Top tier P/R/S player I’d own ANYONE in that one


that’s cause you watch hands.:bluu: