Chicago Nickel City Bi-Weekly Ranbat #2 4/4


The last one was a huge success! The scene has spoken and $1 tournys are here to stay!

Saturday April 4th

MVC2/3S: Signups start at 3:00PM Signups END at 3:45 Tourny starts PROMPTLY at 4:00PM
SF4: Signups start at 3:00PM Signups END at 6:45 Tourny starts PROMPTLY at 7:00PM


Nickel City
555 Waukegan Road
Northbrook, IL 60062
(847) 559-8727

Game Lineup:

This week we will only be running 4 games! The 2 biggest games from the first tourny and mvc2 which ran fast and a voted one from you guys! Please only vote if you plan on coming to this event and PLAYING that game!

Street Fighter 4 (360) Eric,Jim,SRX,DanielRGT,Kris
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 (Arcade)
Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike

Entry Fee:
Each game is $1 to promote EVERYONE to enter EVERYTHING even if it’s not your best game and you just dabble in it… its $1 to help you level up because there’s nothing better then tournaments to help you level up.
(There is also a $2 entry fee to enter Nickel City this is not included in your tournament entry fee)

1st - 60%
2nd - 20%
3rd - 10%
4th - Entry fee back (if over 11 people)

Since these are “Ranking Battles” for SF4 points will be awarded in the following fashion:

1st 8 points
2nd 5 points
3rd 4 points
4th 3 points
5th 2 points
7th 1 point

Current RanBat Standings:

1st - fLoE - 8 points
2nd - GLB - 5 points
3rd - Meta - 4 points
4th - Humbag - 3 points
5th - Keits - 2 points
5th - Douglas - 2 points
7th - MadBooFace - 1 point
7th - DennisUkyo - 1 point

If you can help with bringing consoles/sticks/TV’s let me know because it would be very helpful!


Again, I will offer my 360 if needed, but would prefer to see it used for SF4, since it seems more systems will be needed for it, and because my HDR hasn’t been patched at all. Also, I’d like to offer my services to help run anything if needed.

Also, dollar tournies are god-tier.


yes! please bring it thanks <3


I would also like to offer my services and loud voice to the Bi-weekly


he’ll probably take you up on that offer since the megaphone takes like 50 D batteries to run :stuck_out_tongue:


Keep Marvel in as a staple, who cares about that one t-mode whore.

Like you said, it ran fast and if you start it an hour before, it should barely overlap with the other games.

Please. :wink:


I 2nd this!:tup:

How can you drop this game?! It’s mahvel baybee!:looney:

-EX :cool:


Ari, I’ll continue to bring my 360 setup for these.
If you get the chance, I’d still like to test my 22" lcd monitor and my home tv with the rb2 test. If the 22" monitor is very minimal on the lag delay with the vga hookup, would it be ok to bring it also? I’m just used to the spacing and look of the widescreen hd output, and going from that to the scrunched 480 output does make somewhat of a gameplay difference (spacing wise).


Jim, I have ari’s RB2 + guitar, i’ll bring it to this tourney if you want.


Believe it or not, I would vote for GG only because I think its the more popular game atm. But! I do believe we could run both. Marvel players should get there by 2pm and I would say start the tournamnet no later than 2:45pm…

Pretty sure SF4 and Remix wouldn’t start til about 5:30 ish because we would still have to set up the stations…I will be bringing my 360 along this time as well .

Wanted to say this in closing to all of those that were complaining about how late the last tourney went…Honestly? WTF did you expect? I can totally understand family obligations, some of you are young and can’t stay out that late. Thats totally legit. But I took one glance at the party room to realize that this would be an all nighter. And I’ve learned from the past that on a tourney day, its best to just leave that day completely open to the tourney itself. I mean, Sat looked like one of our previous MWC’s. - Also come prepared…This is a console tournament! BRING YOUR OWN HARDWARE! I don’t mind lending my sticks out to my friends or to those whom I know personally. But if you’re a pad player bring a pad, and vice versa if you’re a stick player. And more importantly have one for both systems! I brought my 360 and my PS3 sticks, and I don’t even play on my PS3 at all. You don’t have one? Then go buy one…a PS2 or 3 pad is not expensive and the same goes with the 360. Minimizing downtime is the best way to speed up tournaments. So when I have to fucking call someone’s name like 10 times and then go look for their ass, only to find them on the damn pinball machine or in the free play section, thats time wasted. People sitting at the stations not playing their match and then I go ask whats going on and they say" I don’t have a pad":wtf:; that’s totally unacceptable… Bottom line you want to help them run faster do your part in being there on time, listening for your name to be called, and have your own gear.

Rant over…and this is not directed at anyone in particular, just in general…


i switched it to ALL 360 so people wont have to bring 2 sticks or whatever they use…this might drop attendance a little which is to be expected but i still expect a good turn out and fine i guess ill re-add marvel as a staple game as long as the marvel community still comes out to support it…so dont vote for it on the poll anymore…so now its 3s vs GG


What about pad players? QQ, I think this is gonna drop attendance a lot. But you seem to know that already. Hope someone lends me a 360 stick.


Ninja edit response: as long as someone loans me a stick…Ill be there!


the truly dedicated players are not going to care what system games are on theyll find a way to make it and find a way to play…those are the players we want at these tournys…people dedicated and wanting to level up against the best chicago has to offer


I can bring a PS2 or a 360.

For 360 I only have HD Remix

For PS2 I have CvS2 and Guilty Gear Accent Core.

I’ll be showing up for this, so let me know if there’s anything I can do to help out


the 360 would be great…gonna start putting peoples names by what theyre bringing a system for in the first post…thanks!


Kris, I agree to pretty much everything you said. By ari choosing to make this set in 360, he will lose some people, but it will make things run 100% faster in that department. People will know ahead to either make accommodations or buy an alternate stick they are comfortable playing on. I will still have my ex2 for random people that need a reserve stick to play on, and my TE for peeps I know will be careful with it or have a PS3 TE they are willing to put up for security.

That being said, it was pretty easy borrowing a PS3 TE off of someone I didn’t know in the last tourney. I did the same thing, gave them my 360 TE as security and we were all good. Pretty chill guy to trust me with his 150 buck stick, but when you have another 150 bucks in your hands it’s a bit easier. I’m sure us 360 players will be happy to return the favor if people have similar situations in the next tourney.


Ari I said I would bring my 360 and I have HD Remix on mine as well…




Arg this is the same date as the STL tourny.


I lent my 360 TE to Aric on Saturday, and he endowed it with magical girl Slayer-tan super powers. Too bad I never got a chance to use it. :sad:

Next Saturday, though!

I also lent my $185 custom to Yosh for Guilty Gear. Yosh is a pretty trustworthy guy. I recommend lending sticks to him (no homo).