Chicago nickel city March monthly


EDIT: Tourney canceled.


Sweet, There should be a monthly tourny every month.


Be There Nubz! :tup:


I haven’t played in like 2 years, but I think I’ll show up and clean the spiderwebs off the CvS2 machine.


Hey yall, me thinks ill be heading up to Chi for this. Gotta get more arcade 3s in me.



i’ll be there for sure

also, can we add mbac?


yo, what time is it gonna start?


be there at around 7pm


lookie who finally joined the posts…

ill try and flip a morning shift but i may be busy…


Is there any hope of Chicago picking up SSBM again before EN? My 3S skills have deteriorated to the point of not being worth the drive up anymore but I’d love the chance to play Melee again. You couldn’t keep me away if you started running Melee again.


why so late! lol…that sux. I wanted to go. But I have to LEAVE by 7…otherwise Pace transportation will leave me stranded.

gah! I want to play sum mvc2


i just realized that this overlaps with final four



Hey anyone, is there gonna be anyone there earlier in the day? before 7? possibly up for playing mvc2 because I wanna play, but have to leave by then as I stated.

I’ll also play other games with you if you want. I have an idea of how to play other ones.


Sorry the tourney is canceled =/.


aww poo. oh well at least there was some good mvc2 at dennis’ yesterday…even though it was on crappy sticks : /