Chicago nickel city results for 5/21

GGXX: Canceled midway thru because the stick broke and our tech left :sad:


1st: Juicy G(yun/ken)
2nd: Big Marcus(Q)
3rd: Tony D (Necro/Ken)

Big Props to Marcus who defeated Eric, Tony D, then myself in winner finals with koruda style Q. I beat Tony D in loser final 3-2, then defeat Marcus in the Final 4-0, 4-1.


1st: Juicy G(msp)
2nd: Dereklearnslow (msp)
3rd: Sergio “player unknown” Valadez(msp)


I think its a sign that GG should never be played on arcade period, like at events as mwc etc cough cough…



Damn…VERY random that the stick broke…That sucks.

MvC2 highlights will forever read…MSP…

Damn, shoulda made it over to nickles. The fight Sat. was a fucking joke. 45 sec. knock out my ass…

Fuck a Chicago arcade scene. It’s all about random gatherings at people’s home a so it’s nigh impossible to find new blood. It’s much cheaper though!!!

Way to kill off the one thing that brought us all together in the first place dipshits.

derek is sad =(

and the whole reload cab breaking was kinda gay, and we were unprepared with the whole not bringing ps2s thing. a lesson for next time i guess.

more people need to come next time, too. turnout seemed pretty shitty.

Sad/slightly drunk at the time of that last post.