Chicago nickel city "RETURN OF THE BI'S".mvc2,3s,ggxx,ssbm results for 4/10/04


1st:floe-chun li
2nd: Domingo “nigga D”-Urien
3rd:Rashad"I was powered by matlock"-chun li

Suprise,suprise floe wins another one.Rashad upsets me in losers who took 4th.Good shit to rashad and to ari for taking another 3s tourney.


1st: George “Juicy G”-Faust/chipp/sol
2nd:Jim"Cracka J"-Slayer/GheTtO ChIpP

Jim upsets ari losers beating him with GheTtO ChiPp 3-1.then takes George to the brink taking 1st set 4-2 but loses final 4-3.Good shit to the cracka.



Good shit to all who participated in the 1st nickel city smash bros tourney.and congrats to von(who for the 1st time in life made his bite as big as his bark j/k von :p) with his upset of boo.


1st:Juicy G-rowtron,scrub,Omega/sent/doom
3rd:Tony “noise54"kao”-Scrub,team Jwong.mag/sent/tron

tony K upsets marc in winners final (including ugly ocv in last game)2-1.George then beats tony in winners final 3-1.Marc then repays tony in loser final 3-2(with a ocv of his own in final game).George then beats marc in final 4-3 in some really close matches (EVERYONE GETS FUCKING SHOT!!).Good shit to tony who in the last couple tournies have managed to beat myself and marc in 2 of the last 3 tournies.quickly becoming chi town’s player you DON’T want to match up with.

thanx to all who showed.Hopefully with future smash tournies we can continue to work out the kinks and have them run as smoothly as possible. Peace out.

Sorry I couldnt make it guys, but don’t worry, I wont be keeping this job for much longer, once the semester ends and I move back home I will probly get a different job, preferably something that DOESNT make me work every friday and saturday night. Also, good shit to Jim on taking 2nd and making the finals so close. How many people actually showed up this time?

Yeah good shit to the people who came out. Cya in the next one. Yeah good work to the Cracka Tactics. And for George who won Marvel again(finally :p). Yep and to Ari who still has the 3s throne.


That was so much fun, even though i lost horribly in marvel, im still glad i went. Nice meeting everyone.

The only suggestion i have for the SSBM tourney is to start the 1 vs 1 sooner. The last one where it was a 4 person melee should have been 2 1v1 matches IMO, but thats just my suggestion looking back on it.

8 ppl…had you showed or any uic ppl(DENNIS IS NOT ALLOWED AT NICKELS EVER AGAIN…CLAIM EC WILL YOU???GO PLAY OUT THERE THEN:p ) we would’ve had a good turnout considering how many of the regulars didn’t show:cool:

maybe…but it ended up working really well as far as the 4 man winner final was concerned.Because i felt it weeded out the weakest players.I dunno though i’ll try your idea next tourney.

gg to all esp tony KoW(Kao) who was using mad advanced mvc2 tactics and G who finally practiced his team scrub since mwc2, one of the only two ppl in this country to WIN tournies with that team.

i’ll be in practice next time for you guys. :wink:


I actually showed up to watch for a little bit. I’ll enter the next GGXX tournament since I basicly just started playing that game to play competitavely. I sucked it up in Alpha 2 but I haven’t played that game regularly for like 7 years. :slight_smile:

holler…someone please go to school up here at purdue and bring some hardcore 3s comp. along with you!

Anyways, good to see the tourney results. I never have the chance to come out with all this shit at school. Taking 18 hours sucks!