Chicago nickel city tourney on 2/11=mwc4 warmup results


1st: Juicy G(msp)
2nd: Dereklearnslow(Mss)
3rd: Tony Kao(Mst)

ggxx SLASH:

1st: Juicy G
2nd: Floe
3rd: Elvenshadow

3s was cancelled because the left side became to fucked up to be relied upon…apologies to those who entered:


1st: muslim(lee)
2nd: Floe(Bryan/Dj)
3rd: Juicy G(Dj)

Good games to all. I EXPECT you sumbitches to show up next week to support the scene at mwc. see you fools later.

I request characters used for GGXX Slash, please.

I know who you guys normally use in #Reload, but I’m interested in who was used to win in Slash.

Juicy used Sol and HOS.

Floe was using Anji.

Elven as Faust of course.

Good games George. I still choke to aggressive MSP.

Fun times at the tournament!!! It was cool seeing you all again. Even those how didn’t even know who I was, but I knew exactly who they were…that was funny…lol!!!

I’ll try may damnest to come this coming weekend!

My KY ghetto juggle was the hotness!!!



the left side on 3S was shorting out when nickels had free play friday a couple weeks back, and it’s still bugging out now. are the sticks going to be fixed for MWC?


His sorrow is too great to be overcome. Just give up. He already has.

sad violin tune