Chicago nickel city tourney on 2/11=mwc4 warmup

mwc4 warmup right here.

when: 2/11/06
signups at 7pm starttime at 8

557 Waukegan Rd
Northbrook,IL 60062
(847) 559-8727


tekken 5.1
3rd strike

Entrance fee: 1 dollar

Pay for play
Rules: 2outof3, 3outof5 winners/loser finals 4outof7 finals

payout: winner takes all

If I get a ride I will come and then kill you…just kidding:lovin: !!!

im coming to this for sure, ive got my car back too, everyone better go, its gonna be the very first slash tournament in chicago, (possibly even in the US?) so lets make it worth while

Think I might just save my money and come to this instead of MWC. I miss the scene, but comming back for MWC would just be stupid.

you should go to MWC instead. This isnt going to be nearly as big

Nor will it be as expensive to go 2 and out.

So I guess that CvS2 revival on friday was a one night only. Well if I’m able to get up there I’d be willing to play in a CvS2 tourney. A dollar and a bag of Doritios to whoever can beat my cross-handed Yamazaki.

You gotdamn mexicans lol

i’ll probably be there.

I’m sad to say that I don’t think I’ll be there for this… and it makes me cry inside.

I gotta go pee now.

I’ll definitely be there.

I’m coming for sure…to be the training dummy!!!

Naruto Anyone?

sorry, got work. Had enough trouble getting next weekend off and even then it isn’t garunteed…