Chicago Screenz - SF4/SC4/Naruto/HDR/Brawl - February 28 Results!


Well it was a fun time, the community helped out with set-ups and we ran everything much better than before.

I hope for those that came for Brawl enjoyed the Singles Pools. I am thinking of doing Pools again next month.

Here are the results so far, Full results will be posted a bit later with Pictures and everything. =p

Super Smash Brothers Brawl Doubles - 16 Teams

1: lain + anther - (Lain & Anther)

2: omni is quick in bed - (Omniswell & Quik)

3: judge + bowyer - (Judge & Bowyer)

4: panda scythe - (SamuraiPanda & Scythe)
5: who?! - (MachinegunNorm & BO X7)
5: team scare tactics - (Hunger & Grimace)
7: time to puff
7: vayseth + ook (Vayseth & Ook)
9: erich + isaac ( Erich & Issac)
9: hands off my friends
9: team blood
9: terf + toph (Terf & Toph)
13: elements
13: fondle our yum yums
13: nick + will (Nick & Will)
13: corms

Super Smash Brothers Brawl Singles - 52 Participants

32 - Person Bracket

1: Anther (Pikachu, Ice Climbers)

2: Lain (King Dedede, Ice Climbers)

3: Quik (Wario)

4: Hunger (Wario, Snake)

5: Bowyer (Metaknight)

5: Judge (Metaknight)

7: Arty (Falco)
7: SamuraiPanda (Snake)
9: Fatboy
9: BO X7
9: Kain
9: MachingunNorm
13: Grimace
13: Shintaruu
13: Kirk
13: Omniswell
17: Scythe
17: Ook
17: Polska
17: Veggie
17: Meneil
17: Joshu
17: Aerox
17: Iggy
25: 7FO
25: Toph
25: Propi
25: WTP
25: Terf
25: Sago
25: Vayseth
25: Nathan

Soul Calibur 4 - 13 Participants

1: thugish pond (voldo)

2: human typhoon (Setsuka)

3: MysticBill (Lizardman)

4: destroyer (Killik, Raphael)
5: the beast (Astaroth)
5: jimmy pikachuchoi (X)
7: jimmy ellis
7: zeal
9: larry
9: robert
9: prism1
9: devildigimon
13: cloud

Top 3 Group Pic of Soul Calibur 4

Street Fighter 4 - 41 Participants

1: Douglas (Sagat)

2: The Beast (Blanka)

3: Slevin (E. Honda, M. Bison)

4: Jimmy Ellis (Dahlsim)
5: J$$$ (Boxer)
5: Esoul
7: Jie
7: Bomb Chivo
9: Ramon
9: Slayer
9: Kohee Rok
9: JFlow
13: Roberto Cortez
13: Kyle Gallagher
13: Sheldon
13: Cal
17: SCX
17: Lloyd
17: Arturo Lopez
17: Brian Hamilton
17: Arthur O.
17: Corey
17: Jonathan
17: devildigimon
25: Nives
25: De Leon
25: Anthony T.E
25: Descille
25: Jeff H.
25: Joker
25: Julian
25: Kerry
33: Terf
33: SRX
33: Nathan R.
33: Nes
33: DanielRGT
33: Greg C.
33: Carlos G.
33: Toph
33: Shikago

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix - 16 Participants

1: Syxx (Cammy, Akuma)

2: Slayer (T. Hawk)

3: Dougls (Zangief, Blanka, Dee Jay)

4: Roberto (Sagat)
5: Jmoney (Balrog)
5: Necrosis (Ken, Sagat)
7: Jeff
7: Esoul
9: Tim
9: Bombchivo
9: Daniel RGT
9: Kyle
13: Just Ownin
13: SRX
13: Konee Eok
13: Michel D

Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Cross Generation Heroes - 16 Participants

1: SamuraiPanda

2: Omniswell

3: Necrosis

4: Jmoney
5: MachinegunNorm
5: WTP
7: Ramon
7: Bowyer
9: Daniel RGT
9: Fletcher
9: Nathan R
9: MtM
13: Hunger
13: Joshu
13: Iggy
13: Kish

Naruto Shippudden GNT EX 3 - 14 Participants

1: Killtz (Chouji)

2: Akatsuki (Sasuke)

3: GTFOcandy (Hiroku)

4: Vayseth (Temari)
5: Necrosis
5: Dark Sasuke
7: Shikago
7: Jmoney
9: WTP
9: D90
9: CS2Sasuke
9: Shino
13: Jonathan
13: Calibur7

Naruto Clash of Ninja Revolution 2 - 13 Participants

1: GTFOcandy (Second Seal Sasuke)

2: Dark Sasuke (Temari, Itachi, UNTN)

3: Killtz (Chouji, Orochimaru, Itachi)

4: Dark Kakashi (Orochimaru)
5: Akatsuki
5: Shikago
7: Shino
7: Necrosis
9: Kish Prime
9: Iggy
9: Calibur 7
9: CS2Saske
13: Jonathan

Naruto GNT 4 - 8 Participants

1: Dark Sasuke (Neji, Temari)
2: Dark Kakashi (Kimimaro)
3: Akatsuki (A. Hinata, Temari)
4: Killtz
5: GTFOcandy
5: Devildigimon
7: Andrew
7: Dignity

I will post the Full Results of Whatever tournament I did not put right now.

I hope everyone had a fun time! :slight_smile:

Street Fighter 4 Championship Points after 1 event:

1: Douglas - 35 Points
2: The Beast - 30 Points
3: Slevin - 25 Points
4: Jimmy Ellis - 20 Points
5: Jmoney - 16 Points
5: Esoul - 16 Points
7: Jie - 14 Points
7: BombChivo - 14 Points
9: Ramon - 12 Points
9: Slayer - 12 Points
9: Kohee Rok - 12 Points
9: JFlow - 12 Points
13: Roberto Cortez - 10 Points
13: Kyle Gallagher - 10 Points
13: Sheldon - 10Points
13: Cal - 10 Points
17: SCX - 8 Points
17: Lloyd - 8 Points
17: Arturo Lopez - 8 Points
17: Brian Hamilton - 8 Points
17: Arthur O. - 8 Points
17: Corey - 8 Points
17: Jonathan - 8 Points
17: devildigimon - 8 Points
25: Nives - 6 Points
25: De Leon - 6 Points
25: Anthony T.E - 6 Points
25: Descille - 6 Points
25: Jeff H. - 6 Points
25: Joker - 6 Points
25: Julian - 6 Points
25: Kerry - 6 Points
33: Terf - 4 Points
33: SRX - 4 Points
33: Nathan R. - 4 Points
33: Nes - 4 Points
33: DanielRGT - 4 Points
33: Greg C. - 4 Points
33: Carlos G. - 4 Points
33: Toph - 4 Points
33: Shikago - 4 Points


Good shit to Syxx for winning HDr AGAIN!!!
And good shit to Douglas, Jeff Tate (The beast), Slevin, and Myself in SF4!!!

Fun times Bombchivo (You bogus!) and Syxx in Casuals.

This was pretty hype until Grand finals which no one watched…


SF4 placings
1: Douglas (Sagat)
2: The Beast (Blanka)
3: Slevin (Honda, M.Bison)
4: Jimmy Ellis (Dhalsim)
5: J-Money (me) (Balrog)


Damn, Smash turnout > sf4 turnout even in chi? ;_;

GJ in teh nayrutes u twingaiz!


Douglas holding it down in SF4. Good stuff.

Grats Jeff Tate on 2nd, and Slevin on 3rd. Even though I think you could have won. Also good seeing J-money, Esoul, and J.O. in the top 5 for that game. I was suprised to not see Roberto or Bombchivo in the top 5 but maybe next time. Also I wish I could have entered but I just couldn’t make it in time. Next time…

HD Remix. I knew I’d win. But there was a lotta good comp. I enjoyed my prize BTW hehehehe :lovin::lovin::encore::love::love:

J-money, I hope you understand now why I play Akuma vs your Balrog.

Slayer, good stuff in Grand Finals. Also good job getting through a lot of tough players.

Douglas good stuff on 3rd, but after you said that you didn’t own HDR I knew it was all over for you. Good stuff anyway.

Roberto… man you had Douglas beat. I wanted to play you in Grand Finals again, but it just didn’t happen.

Necrosis: stop trying to win with jab srks hahahaha

Esoul… you coulda done much better in HDR, but maybe next time.

SRX, what happened vs Bombchivo??? You should be beating ryu with cammy by now. :slight_smile:

Bombchivo, good seeing you again. Good stuff in SF4 even though I felt you could have done better.

DanielRGT, where the hell did you end up going??


Cammy: I LOVE YOU!!! :lovin:

Good stuff DK and Webster for running an awesome event once again.

Bad stuff to the people that try to talk down the Clark Street peeps, and then come and fail hard. :rofl::rofl: GO SCREENZ MOTHER FUCKING CREW.


Oh yea, Shout-outs.

Syxx - I see now. Cant take any chances. Ill just pick up another char to counter Akuma, since Sf4 makes me bad at HDr.

Joe Tate - You need to play your brother in SF4 more

Jeff Tate - You are Da beast lololz, wheres my $5?

JustOwning - Sorry I couldnt come to the session after but food was callin me!

BombChivo - Bogus… All i gotta say. Good games all weekend tho. I need your shit talk on my matches.

Douglas - As the only person who beat you at the tourney I think I could have won. But like I said “I’ve come a long way since Yu-Gi-Oh”

Esoul - Good seeing you again.

Slayer and Kyle G - Good shit… My balrog so minty

Cammy - Your lips are sweet! and you have a hawt ass!

Roberto - Im really suprised you lost in HDr. Was hoping to see you place higher in SF4 tho.



Shit sounds like i missed out on a awesome night… especially cuz i got some plp to come out to screenz for the first time and i didnt even get to stick around… anybody know how long the SF4 tourny lasted??


Yea, sorry that I dipped out early guys. Wasn’t really feeling it yesterday, had a lot on my mind about some shit going on right now concerning college and my family. Regret not staying for HD Remix, sorry about that.

Good shit though guys, while I was there I was having fun I was just playing like shit the whole day.


Props to J-Money for keeping it real and keeping so fre$h with Minty Balrog.

Pretty much just shout-outs to everyone in general that I met or talked with, it was a lot of fun and I hope to play some matches against you dudes soon.


yo kyle hit me up on psn if you wanna play a few, i could really use some sagat practice for mwc


Wish I coulda came to this but had prior obligations.


Good games to ee’er body at the tournament. I’m Jimmy Ellis. The guy who got 4th in the street fighter 4 tournament. We had a good time I’ll definitely start coming to more chicago tournaments and gatherings.

Sagat is just too good in this game. He’s just so. . .powerful. . . I have so much respect for the japanese natioanls champion who defeated sagat in the finals. That is a HARD fight.


Its NEVER easy vs Sagat


DK - Had an awesome time once again. Good shit holding everything down like you did, and thanks again. See ya in March!

Websta - I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’re probably the only person I can safely call “mah nigga” and not get shot, or anything of the sort. Good seeing you again, and good shit with that “serious stare”. I’ll get those pics up soon.

Syxx - Good shit running/winning HDR again. I was just having a flat out hard time playing the damn game. I think it’s cuz of SF4, cuz my timing and everything was down the drain. I’ll get him next time.

Arturo/Roberto/Esoul - Good seeing you guys again. I got random pics of you guys as well, so expect to see your ugly mugs somewhere soon :rofl:

DanielRGT - Sorry you had to dip early, but good seeing you again. Hope everything’s ok.

Slevin - Good to “officially” meet you, though I remember seeing/playing you at Frosty Faustings. And congrats on SF4 placing. I still got Winner’s Finals, but couldn’t get more then that.

Anyone I played - GG’s. Jie, sorry I didn’t take that first round seriously…at all. But, I threw Gouken out there, and you still beat him, so GS. Necrosis, GG’s with Chun. I should’ve stuck with Ken tbh. Random Bison player in HD, that was rough, but GG’s nonetheless.

Everyone involved in running things, thank you sooooooo much! :tup: +10 internets for each of you.

And finally, shoutout of the night award goes to:

“Cammy”! Too fine, too good, too hot. :tup:

And yes, there are pics. They will be up tonight.


Congratulations to everyone who played, especially those who won.

I’m Arthur O. from the tournament ha. I met quite a few people there and hopefully will be able to go practice at their house to represent Balrog a little better than my current scrubtacular play.

My buddy Richard tried to get recordings but for some reason his camera was just corrupting all of the files. If we ever fix the files, I will get them uploaded and posted up here for everyone to see.

Thank you again to everyone who commented on my gameplay and helped me learn quite a few things.

You guys are messin me up though because I don’t want to spend money but you’re all making me want to go drop money on a 360 and buy the game hahaha. DARN YOU PEER PRESSURE!

Oh yeah, a typo:

9: Kohee Rok

Should be Konee Rok -

Check that boy out man!



Screenz Game Boss

Hey Guys this is Joker from screenz. If you want to information on the videos and pictures we’ve shoot me an E-mail at I know alot of you had pictures taken with cammy and some had interviews! Thanks Coming out you guys see you all soon!


Pictures have been added to the Main Post! :slight_smile:


syxx’s cammy is soooo good, i got teh rocked, but it was awsome and super fun, can’t wait for next month!


no one interviewed me

next time :slight_smile:


There were interviews goin on? Aww :amazed:

That reminds me, I’ll send you the pictures I still have as soon as I can. Just random Screenz shots, admittedly I favored people I knew, but next time I’ll just take pics of whatever.


Is that her dad?