Chicago Southside Gaming Tournaments

So me and my gaming clan are looking into organizing some tournaments around the south of chicago considering the amount of gamer I know on the south side.

Who all would be interested? I know chicago has a decent fighting game scene with GGA and IGNITE events going on, but I want to consider those who can’t afford to travel multiple times a week because of job, life, etc.

So at the moment we have play & trade, gamestop, and a couple bars near millennium park(easily accessible from southside)

I’ve receive some feedback from CurlyW and Kevin Fair also

Im not so sure about the street fighter community in the area, but I do reccomend to add it to the listing if your planning tourneys. In the most recent tourney, Chicago Heart 3, that I went to, SSFIVAE was easily the main event and even had a few big names show up like Wolfkrone and BigMarcus. Just a suggestion.

Other games I could think of would be Blazblue Continuum Shift, Tekken 6, Mortal Kombat 9, and Marvel vs Capcom 3 to name a few. I

Instead of making a whole thread about this just post in the Chicago thread, one thing though, dont split the community! If you pick a day we dont have anything going on you could even get people from other areas in Chicago / Suburbs to attend. Either way if you want to get good you must travel, its unavoidable. There are plenty of guys already carpooling to other events, all you gotta do is ask, everyone is really cool and chill in this scene so go ahead and post in the Chicago thread! Try to find one spot that will let you host, and then send me a PM with the venues info / gathering info and ill add it to the Chicago threads info area in the first page. Nice to meet you by the way, maybe we will get to game sometime.

I love the fighting game community and carpool with a butch of people frequently lol. I really wanted to set up more events peoples due so some recent feedback, people wanna see some weekend events also. The events I’m doing are tournaments and gathering as I still frequent ignite on mondays and GGA during the week. If GGA or Ignite and a weekend event I would most definitely be there. What I’m trying to do is like Kevin Fair’s Turn that @#@# into an arcade 3rd strike release event happening this tuesday.(which I will be attending for some marvel vs capcom 3)

btw its nice meeting you again tactics, If you play on xbox360 feel free to add me : Spartaman2020. I’ll keep you updated on any happenings

We almost always do second gathering on Friday, Saturday or Sunday at GGA if you have not noticed :).

Hey Sparta. The best way to ask the people who frequent the Chicago thread about a tournament around the South of Chicago is to actually post in the Chicago thread, this one: CHICAGO 2016-2017 Thread: Welcome New Players, check out the Facebook Group page as its more active!

Just copy and paste your first post from here into there. I guarantee you’ll get feedback.

See you there.

Yes please ask your questions in Chicago thread, not sure how well south is in terms of wanting a venue since the last attempt didnt work out but maybe your approach will be better so give it a shot. If i ever have time I would definitely try to make it out.

yea im trying to get more games besides street fighter, even a secret side tourneys during events that features older fighters like marvel vs capcom 2/alpha 3 etc

btw, I posted in the chicago thread also