Chicago:the final tuneup 7/24 results


2nd:Juicy G-sol
3rd:elven shadow-faust

floe goes thru round robin perfect.No final was played because everyone wants RELOAD.


1st:Juicy G-msp
3rd:Tony "noise 54"kao-santhrax

marc wins winner final 3-1.George beasted up tony 3-0 in loser final.then beats marc in final 4-3,4-2.HOLLA

Derek loses to Tony all retarded-like because Derek can’t squeeze out a,, fly.RP for the kill.

Also Derek loses to everyone in GG round robin because he sucks and only gets to play his even more sucky roommate and computer AI all day on pad.

Derek you’re too hard on yourself. You always seem nervous when you play in tournies. I say this because you’re such a beast in casual. Just relax, and have fun.

Thanks to G for running the tourney and letting me in late!

Damn, no cvs2 :frowning: Hopefully someone will play next season when i’ll be part of the MidWest

DAMN why is floe so sexy?

Because his tits are soooo caressable

where in chicago is this?

[hyde park] -er

north brook