Chicago Thursday night Gameworks players ggs


I thought since it seems that everyone will be meeting at Gameworks on thursdays that there should be a gg’s thread. So to all that went last thursday gg’s. It was a big turnout for SF4!!! Just like the good old days.


good times and good beer. I vote Marcus in charge of the list again.


I think we need to do a Monday night gathering too so we can kinda split it up. Having everyone gathering around one machine one night of the week isnt ideal if you ask me. Id be more than down to come Monday and Thursday.


i wish i could make it out to gameworks on thursdays :frowning:


Well it is thursday and we all know what time it is. Who is going to be there tonight?


I’ll be there for sure. if anyone wants that cheap 20" LCD TV I mentioned in the other thread, let me know so I can bring it!


July 30th quote of the evening at Gameworks

“if someone else beats me with Zangief, I’m gonna piss myself, no I’m gonna piss on them!” -Lee

and notable mention is the Lariat Count.


Had an awesome time, first time playing SF4 at an arcade. The wait was kind of weak but the guy with the list was awesome.

Also, anyone else think the sticks felt really loose? My Fuerte wasn’t dashing when I wanted him too, of course it could always just be me sucking…ya it was probably that :sad:


GG’s games to all that showed up. Thanks for the beer and the practice. It was a lot of fun. Now the wait for fight it out 3 this saturday.


I dreamed about calling peoples names from that list all night…I’m now retired.

"Jose…Jose!!! Your next!!! why can’t Jose ever hear me…JOSE!!!


The stick feels perfect! It’s broken in, exactly how I wish my Sanwa stick felt. I need to play way more on mine to make it feel like the arcade one does.


GG’s to all at gameworks last night. I am so close to getting my first win.


no…post in the chicago thread…closed