I’m going to Chicago from the 9th to the 13th for wizard world (comic-con) and was wondering what to do afterwards. If you guys could recommend me some places where i could have fun and eat good (and cheap) i would be grateful. Thanks.

Lou Malnati’s or Gino’s East for Pizza(Best fucking pizza on the Planet)
The Navy Pier
The Shed Aquarium,and the Museum of Science and Industry
Downtown Chicago for random shopping
Millennium Park is also pretty cool.They usually have stuff going on over there so you might want to check that out

I love this city overall.Not the clusterfuckness that is New York City,and we don’t have to worry about any Natural Disasters or “The Nino” like California(Although are women aren’t as hot as Californians).

There is an arcade in Northbrook Illinois called Nickels that seems to be the hang out spot for alot of the top players/SRK’ers.There is also the Harlem Irving Plaza arcade that is closer to the Airport I believe,but I don’t know how much play that one gets.

Orka should be able to enlighten you more than I can.

this man speaks the truth. Chicago ftw!

Don’t hate on NYC. Believe it or not, there are areas in NYC that’s just like Chicago… We have everywhere here…

Def check out the Shedd Aquarium, one of the coolest places I’ve ever been.

The HIP arcade was closed down :bluu:

Gay :sad:

lincoln park and wrigleyville both got awesome bar scenes

i wanna live in fuckin’ manhattan, but i gotta level up before i could afford that… maybe in couple of years.

Im curious to know what is in chicago as well. Im a little familiar with downtown chicago…I think.
any good comic shops or import stores?

I fucking LOVE the wrigleyville/belmont area. I went to a pizzeria there, and was waited on by 1st gen. Italian immigrant chicks. Theres also cool independent record stores, and the inebriates don’t come out on the streets and harass you like they do in olympia. Chicago is the shit.

I also love the navy pier and the mag mile. Hella good shopping and nice breezys beezys and skeezys. I also almost in an encounter with a bum who wanted to kill all communists and I had a sickle and hammer drawn on my shoe. It was hilarious.

Chicago is fuckin dope man. Just stay out of trouble

I don’t know about Comic Book stores,but as far as import shit,you might want to try your luck in China Town.There’s bound to be an import store somewhere downtown.

Just haven’t found and/or heard of it yet :sad:

my office is on michigan avenue, right near the van buren intersection… so i get the great view of the lake everyday. :wgrin:

it’s only about half a block away from millenium park, so i just go there for a walk after lunch sometimes too. i’ve been thinking about going to the art institute on tuesdays (free day) but haven’t done that yet.

Ive never been to china town. how far away is it from downtown?

edit and I dont read chinese

What do you do orka(If you don’t mind my asking0?

@ Scum gale 88.

It’s not that far from Downtown.Hop on the Redline and take the train going towards 95th and the Dan Ryan,and one of the stops will be Cermak-China town.I couldn’t give you exact directions if you were driving in a car(Which seems to be the case),but China town is a little bit after U.S. Cellular Field

analyst for a pr intelligence group. i specialize in japanese media analysis and evaluation for clients.

There’s an Arcade inside the ESPN Zone restaurant but I don’t think they have anything fighter related :sweat:
Wow I came in this thread hoping to give you ideas but now I realize I lived there for years but never really explored the city

I really like Chicago, and wouldn’t mind living there if it didn’t get ‘dry ice’ cold after Summer…

the winter’s not that bad, really. you just learn to suck it up. chicago’s called “the windy city” so at least it lives up to the name.

what i hate is weather we’ve had the past couple of days, with 90 degree temperatures coupled with high humidity and frequent rain. certain parts of the city reek like shit… from the sewage system and the hobos.

Oh cool.Sound like loads of fun :wgrin:

As for Chicaog’s seasons.

It’s a beautiful trade-off,and it’s probably not as bad as it gets on the East Coast as far as the Winters get.So it’s really not that bad.

Did I mention that the city looks Badass in December?Going down the Magnificent Mile around Christmas time is certainly a memorable experience.

I appreciate the help cause I’m ready to get out of this shit hole called Detroit!!!