Chick Fil A cashier fired for mocking Asians (pic)

People need a sense of humor. Oh this is California, where nothing makes sense.

Nobody has a sense of humor when they can get someone fired for racism (and maybe sue a big institution).

Not gonna lie, this made me lulz.

IB4 Asian community makes this their N-word thread.


“i have lots of asian friends, and they are allright with me calling them ching chongs”

I’ll admit, it’s kinda unprofessional, but that’s all I can say about it. It doesn’t make me laugh, but I don’t see how it’ll cause a riot.

asians mad cause they stylin on em.

This is not really news aside from the people reporting it need to be beaten.

I once had a famous star that after unwraping the first part of the paper it said in their ordering sharpe “This Job Sucks” i laughed my ass off and finished my dinner.

Your at a fast food place stop being a prick.

What I am more concerned about is if Ching and Chong get their correct orders?

But seriously… was it worth it to Lia to lose her job? She is bitter because she has to serve the “chinks” sandwiches. Why doesn’t she be a good girl and stay in the kitchen?

:rofl: oh you!

I’m can’t imagine someone who works at Chick-Fil-A for $8 would care about being fired. When Burger King is across the street and will hire you an hour after being fired anyway.

they work at Chick-Fil-a… that’s like the white version of all food chains! They close on Sundays!

I love Chick Fil A. They can call me ching chang chong gook or whatever the hell they want. That is how good their food is.

Yeah, I think declaring “victims of racism” is a little strong. This seems something out of an irreverent sitcom tbh.

Not surprising that the employee got fired. Companies are strict about issues that could potentially land them in hot water.

Slightly amusing, but a job at Chicks is not to be taken for granted. Their hourly wages, even for new employees is top tier and you don’t have to worry about too many unsavory characters because they don’t have a dollar menu.

Isn’t Chil-Fil-A that super christian fast food chain?


Well I hope they took their business to Panda Express!

Maybe they sued because they were a different X-tian faction?

I wonder if she woulda given me a receipt saying “nigga”.