Chicken combo... exact timing?



well, i know this sucks… but i havent been able to get the 6 hit chicken combo on shotos (close mp, mk chikenman,close mp, mk chickenman, close mp, mk chickenman) so i decided to aks… when do i have to input the QCF + MK? right after thi first hit or at the same time i hit with it? an an also when do i have to put the close mp? when oro inmediately land on the ground or have to wait a split second?


As for the Strong>Chicken, you can stall a little after the first hit and do the Chicken kick without the second hit connecting.

As for the Chicken>Strong, it’s pretty basic. The lower the opponent is, the better the chances the Chicken will hit. But if you stall it like I said then you shouldn’t have any problems at all.

Good luck.


Shoto’s (Sean worse than the others) are more difficult to juggle with the chicken combo than other characters. This is beacuse of their relative narrow sprite, you have to hit the strong really low. Of course corner is always more forgiving, but if you can get it on them mid-screen, you can get it on anybody.


Just for the sake or Oro promotion, don’t end with mk chickenkick, try rk chickenkick for 1 extra hit, or better yet, forget the last xx chicken and go for a mp uppercut, even better use the ex uppercut.


well that’s true but i guess i have to master tha basic in order to advance one more step…


To summarize:

-Hugo: Impossible except in the corner. Even then, each launch must be extremely late.
-Yun/Yang: Impossible except in the corner or as anti-air midscreen.
-Ryu/Ken/Akuma/Sean/Makoto: Possible, but aim your fist to connect around their waist. In other words, do it late.
-Everyone else: Easy.

Streak: Sean’s harder than the other shotos? Strange, he seems exactly the same to me.