Chicken/Hop kick/QCF (in air) Kick combo starter

Sup peeps,

I’ve noticed a few match videos with Oro players that have started their standing mp juggles with QCF kick in air hitting their opponents once or twice in the face, enabling Oro to land and launch the s. mp.

When I tried this I hit my opponents 3 to 5 times and Oro lands too late to launch them. Any advice?

Thanks., then do the kick with mk.

You have to wait 'til they’re relatively low, closer to the ground, to do the next mp.

I think you misunderstood, Mech. He’s asking about starting w/ the chicken, not w/ the close mp. To do it, you just jump towards them and wait till the last possible moment to input the command for a chicken (any kick will do for the first one, I think). It acts as an overhead, so a good way to train people to block low is empty jump-in -> -> command grab… people will fear that and block low, letting you start the juggle.

It’s always good to mix it up more though w/ grabs and overheads, as well as the double jump.

The jump in chicken is more of an anti-parry or anti-throw tactic. Because Oro freezes in the air for a bit, the opponent gets confused and tries to parry (expecting a normal attack) or throw (expecting an empty jump throw) too early.

I don’t recommend into command grab because it can’t be confirmed unless you connected a jump attack. If the opponent blocks the command grab, you’ll eat anything from a sweep to a 50% combo for free.

Jump in air chicken, 2-hit launch xx Yagyou is a great unblockable setup because you use up 5 juggle points (1+1+3) before activating the Yagyou. This means that the Yagyou will only hit once, making the opponent unable to quickstand and giving you 3 hits left to guardbreak with.

Hmmm… advice taken. What’s a better low attack to get them to block low? I think I read elsewhere that -> fp dp was a good choice, but that seems not confirmable + more dangerous than -> grab.

One thing about low Short is that it’s faster, so you’ll hit with it more often than low Forward xx command grab. The safest thing you could do is stick out a low Short or Forward and go on with a block string or tick into karathrow.

Ohh, reading that again, now I know what you mean. Even though they’ve said it already, you’re just doing the chicken kick too early.

Okay, just do a late chicken kick. Thanks guys. JinraiPVC - u made that “man of gold” vid right? If you did - much props man :tup: :tup: :tup:.

Thanks, but it’s nothing special. Just some of the basics.