Chicken Wing Combo Help

The combo I’m talking about is

Hard chicken > H Punch > Dragon Kick or Rekka

I wanna know how to pull this off more consistently.

P-linking is the only way to do this consistently online. This has been covered in the “simple questions thread” if I recall correctly, so try a search there and see what you find. Also there is a whole thread dedicated to P-linking here on SRK, so look for that as well. If you’re having problems finding the stuff PM me and I’ll see if I can find it for ya

I found the eventhubs video tutorial on p-linking, this stuff is a bit more advanced as it talks about double p-linking, ect. but its essentially the same.
Updated: Tech Throw Plinking and True Double Plinking : News :

Other then that its just a matter of timing which is something that has to be found and can’t be shown/taught. So good luck! with some practice you’ll get it!

Try plinking MP-LP and LK , I can get it off 70% online like that. LP is easier to land.

That will give you a mp, which won’t combo from CW. Also you can’t p-link lp, as the lk will take president over the lp.

I think he meant after HK > cl. hp.

You don’t have to cancel cl.hp with a hp rekka but of course that really doesn’t help the problem of the hk cw > cl. hp part.

Hell it’s so hard that setting turbo X 30 on my fight pad would only land it 25% of the time.

You could instead exchange cl. hp for cr. lp and it is much easier with far fewer consequences if you whiff (it’s what I do, I think it’s a good trade off for us technically 1 frame link challenged). Surprisingly though, I can nail 1 framers for other characters much easier than Fei’s 1 framer hk cw > cl. hp.

I think my interpretation or use of the word plinking might be different from what it actually is. What I do is strum those 3 buttons with my middle 3 fingers. It could be just a timing thing for me personally, but if i do that I can then hit the LP and continue on to the Rekka’s. I know the dominant button is supposed to take over but thats not what happens.

Works for me anyway. There is a method to the madness!

The double p-linking method works best for me, by strumming all three punch buttons from hp down to lp will usually net a cl.hp but if the timing is off will usually net a lp which lead into the same combo set-ups that I usually do.

i’m also having problems with this .
can’t seem to find the right moment to insert the p-link.
it either comes out as nothing or it doesnt link :frowning:

can someone give me an indication on when to hit it ?

(also ; will it also work if your cw only hits once ?)

I try to look at Fei’s feet, and execute the link around the time he lands and uncrosses his legs. I also recommend starting out with CW -> cr.LP xx Rekka. It’s a two-frame link, same as CW -> cl.H xx Rekka p-linked, but without the complication of p-linking. Once you get the timing down, you can start trying the combo with p-links.

The combo will work so long as you are still in range after CW.

thx m8,
ill try it out 2nite .
see how it goes .

tried it .
the cr.lp version seems somewhat easier.
still im far off most of the time.
tried looking at the feet touching the ground.

seems like i need more hours in praccy room.

Just to add something, I found p-link with lp helps me a bunch.

I strongly advise against the “easier” (not easier at all, it’s the same frame window) c.lp option, since it’s less damage, stun, and plinking is a huge general game improvement, no reason to be lazy and not pick that up.

Plinking with lp has helped me because often I’d press the mp too late, in which case the game would register s.hp and as separate inputs. With lp, even if that happens, I don’t drop the combo. Also, for some reason the correct “drumming” involved in plinking is easier for me with the further away buttons.

intresting !
haven’t thought of that.
back to the lab with this :slight_smile:

alright ,
altho this seems to be somewhat better its still nog solid enough for me to use on a regular basis.
even if i hit it, most of the time it will not register as a combo .
which means im doin it to late i figure.
i guess at this point im just gonna have to get better in timing it.
a visual que would be nice :frowning:

Just practice dude, take your time. I don’t use the plinking or twinking, but once you get your algorythm going it’s simple to master.

It’s difficult to get it well enough to do it Confidently. I intead do a, to c.lp, to rekkas.

The biggest hurdle to overcome is that you will have to do it over and over again in real match situations to get this down. Once you get it down in training, move over to endless and give it a go there. What I usually do is do the normal BnB after CW until I have enough to cancel mainly because i’m doing this combo to flame kick cancel into something else anyway and if I mess up it’s safe, or do it early enough in the first round to minimize the opponents options, and IF i land a CW early enough in the first round to do this, i’m doing rekkas after the cl.HP to again help me with the opponents counter options.

I usually just p-link if it’s standing HP with the HP~MP method and i get it about 70% of the time. If it’s a clutch situation though I usually simplify things and go for cr. lp then rekka that is definitely easier to time rather than do the whole cr. lk standing lp cr. lp combo but like everyone said it’s all about getting used to things cause even then i still get dp’d in the face after a good CW and need a combo to finish the game.