Chicken wing cross-up



After watching some Inthul videos, I started this thread because I think that figuring out a formula for definitively landing cross-up chicken wings. Landing them consistently when intended could be an awesome weapon because it’s nearly impossible to predict and block correctly. And if we could figure it out for roundhouse and EX chicken wing and consistently combo a rekka after the last hit, that would be godlike.

Or maybe someone already has the formula.


I definitely endorse what this thread is going for (although I also do not know if it has already been discussed elsewhere).

I find the inconsistency of the chicken wing to be really annoying at times… and I’m guessing that a lot of it is character-specific too.

Anyway it would be cool if there was some research done that can help me better understand when and where to use the chicken wing.


this is a definite spacing thing and knowing which CW to use. i don’t necessarily think too much strategy is involed other than mastering the spacing and what oppenents this will and will not work on. if something was discovered this would be almost too good at times i feel, maybe why its so inconsistent.


It’s all spacing but lk. cw does not cross up ever. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately using non-ex. CW to travel over fireballs and figuring out spacing for cross-up CW.

I’ll admit I’m not very good at Fei’s BnB combos (but damn you if after using Fei, a whole lot of the casts BnB combos aren’t easy to do).

In terms of formula, it’s different for each character. All you gotta do is go to training mode record :DB: then practice.

Frame data and formulas are fine for figuring out priority but this is all spatial reading skills. No amount of reading will do you any good on the subject.


It doesn’t? I could swear that after a blocked j.MP if the opponent goes for a low block then LK CW will cross them up. But this is like a point-blank kinda thing, and I’ve only done it on Shotos before.

If you can set them up to block your BnB then you can land this one easy. Pathetic damage though (30 dmg only). Maybe it was MK CW that worked, but I’d say to give LK CW a try.


Pasqual started a a guide on CW crossups last year.


Really? i was point blank in practice mode with Dan and it wouldn’t cross-up. Maybe they were going for a crouching kick of some sort?

Not that in practicality a point blank lk. cw cross-up is that useful considering you could just go for an overhead and it’d do more damage, faster and safer.


The chicken wing cross up definitely has different properties in this game. It’s not simply dependent on the spacing. It also is based off the opponent’s hit box while crouching. Some characters are more vulnerable to this happening, Bison is one of the best cases I can think of off the top of my head, as he constantly get’s crossed up by my close range medium chicken wings. It’s extremely character and position based in Super.

There’s no solid formula for the spacing you just have to feel out each character. Juri, for example, is super tiny and thin when she crouches, and I wiff over her plenty if I attempt a medium chicken wing anywhere close to her.

35 characters is a lot but… head to training mode heh.


Most characters you can get a crossup CW in the corner while they are crouching without too much spacing. Landing cross up HK CW midscreen… you just have to space it so the part where he comes down is a bit past where they are. You can usually combo off of it with cr.LP rekkas as well, which is kinda dirty.

I go for this a lot on people with fat crouching hit boxes.


I was fooling around with this again yesterday and found lk cw cross-up… inconsistant. Even if i’m right next to the guy, it doesn’t hit 100% of the time. Crouch hitbox seems to vary like standing hitboxes as well which is weird. This was on Dan BTW. What was even weirder was Feis overhead if performed next to someone Dan size or smaller flies over them without hitting.


I’ve kinda been toying with this myself, but so far, have only attempted it in mirror situations, as well as against a Standing opponent. But seems mid sized opponents can be crossed up with HK/EX CWs with the proper spacing and attacks. cl.MP and cl.LP->cl.MP seem to get the best results, although the hit is random. Sometimes it hits the front but fei passes over, with the opponent very close on recovery (bad) or he crosses up and hits the back of the enemy with the last hit (good) since its the same as hitting with the last hit from the front, since you can combo it. Iunno, I’ll mess around with it a little more later.


I tested this by setting the dummy to replay holding down/back. If you continue to hold down/back the following characters won’t block a x-up chicken wing:
-bison (dictator)

Also keep this in mind:
-This only works reliably in the corner
-It totally depends on the character’s hit box size and not the timing or strength of the chicken wing (although it has to be a roundhouse version to cross up).

Some other characters are contacted by the chicken wing (but can block by holding down/back), some simply duck under it, and others are too tall to cross over.

You can set this up any way, just do it naked, or buffer it after a jab or standing close fierce. I always plink and follow up the cross up chicken wing with a close standing fierce into the combo of my choice. I hope this helps-



It works great on your opponent’s wake up, in the corner. For some characters I got the last 2 hits, while on others just the last hit, but it is linkable to a c.lp, to rekkas! I’ve actually been working on it a lot lately.


I tend to hit a HK CW cross up if my first one completely whiffs over the crouching opponents head and then as I turn around hit another HK CW straight away. I’ve landed it a few times like that. Wouldn’t know the spacing though, i kinda just feel it out.


Yes! I do that too! it helps if they planned on grabbing on wake up. I’t rarely given me a bad result.


Just some testing/Info

Crossover Setup (opponent in corner crouch blocking)

hk cw or cl.s.hp xx hk cw or xx :
Does not crossover = Honda/Dudley/Gouken/Sakura/Sagat/Cammy/Chun/Juri/Blanka/Rufus/Balrog/Fei/Adon/Abel

With Ibuki the hk cw or cl.s.hp xx hk cw would not crossover in the corner however xx hk cw did. I’m not exactly sure why this happened but I’ll recheck this another day to confirm.

There were then a handful of characters that you could crossover with mk cw, some which you could not cross over with hk cw (Adon/Chun/Juri).


mk cw or cl.s.hp xx mk cw or xx mk cw:
Works on = Adon/Chun/Juri/Cody/Guy