Chicken wing, how to beat?

Lately I’ve been playing against several Fei Long players on XBL. My success is usually based around how much they use the chicken wing attack. Just checked the frame data charts and found that the different versions are invincible for the first 8, 10, 12, and 12 frames (from light to EX), which is insane. The HK and EX versions are also 0 on block, putting both players on neutral. They also hit you out of the air if you try to jump over.

So, here’s my question? What on earth do I do against this move? Is it a 100% guaranteed safe option against everything? I cannot seem to pressure Fei Long players as long as they just use this on getting up. What do I do?

I main Dictator, but play many other characters, so this is not really aimed at a specific character.

Bison can HK the CW on reaction if not done point blank. For me when I play vs a fei I usually tend to nuetral jump, as this will cause rekka and CW to go under you. which of course leads to a punish. The best advice is to remember that fei is at a disadvantage when he whiffs a CW. If the fei player is doing them and not spacing them properly you can focus the last hit and get a crumple. Bisons head stomp will beat CW clean as well. If you block the CW it’s a 50/50 so it just comes down to guessing from that point. Also once AE comes out the only CW you will have to really worry about is the EX version as the HK CW is losing its I-frames, so it will be easily beaten out if the opponent is ready for it. I tend to see people more often then not abuse CW b/c of its i-frames but any character with a DP or good reversal can easily DP it on reaction from a distance. Also characters like ryu and fei have moves that shrink there hurtbox causing the CW to go over their head, making it whiff, leading to a punish.

Hope this helps!

lol, Dictator. Horrible match-up for Fei 'cause of Scissor Kicks and good pokes…

But yeah, usually if he does them in your face you can crouch under them and punish with a slide or auto-correct U1 if you’re that badass. And only the 1st hit armor breaks, so if you see him do it for away you can counter-poke it.

In saying that though, lk CW does mess with Bisons head on wake up.

If your a Bison player just play turtle style mate, there’s nothing we can do but smash out heads off the stick and hope that it leads to a small concussion. Now that I have told you that though, I will have to kill you… :badboy:

Try focus also. If Fei’s are throwing out CW from too far away you can nail a level 1 or even 2 for a big punish.

It’s not a very good special as you move up in skill levels.

Thanks for the replies.

Long range CW is never really a problem for any of my characters. Reaction HK, cr. HP with Claw, stand HP with Gouken etc. My problem really is only when it is used as a reversal up close, since it seems to be 100% safe.

That being said, I see in the frame data there’s a 6 frame window between the last frame of invincibility and the first hit frame. Timing an attack to hit within this window is possible, but this means he has several ways of making you afraid to meaty his wakeup.

You can OS jump-in against Feis CW if he uses it on wakeup. Bison’s actually got great jump in moves to beat this and Flame Kick since they change his jump arc. Between blockstrings you just have to know how mashy of a fei you’re facing. Instead of a normal frametrap, you could try a retreat jump attack instead–this will let you land in front of fei when his CW ends, or possibly hit him while you’re still in the air

Shotos can low forward Fei’s Chicken Wing on reaction and get a free punish.

also, long range CWs don’t actually have that much priority near the end of their animation, most quick pokes from these distances will knock him out


Shoto standing MP beat it clean. Even if you do it late, close standing MP beats it.

Depends on the distance I think it has to be max range in order for it to work

Shoryu on reaction