Chicken wing motion for spd


so i heard in sf2 gief and hawk can just do a chicken wing motion to do his spd is this true? i use a ps2 controller and doing walking spds are hard as shit i can only do it on stick if i first thrpow out a standing short then do the motion so he doesnt jump


Nope you have to hit the 4 cardinal directions. Starting or ending on a diagonal won’t work. Ticking into your throws is usually your best bet.


i know tickings best but sometimes i wana just walk up and throw hd remix and sf4 changed the spd motion to chicken wing motion i just tried on hd works but on classic doesnt work sadly fuck dont think ill ever be able to do spds on a pad


Old games make you work for it man, don’t know what else to tell you.


SPD is really a 270 instead of a 360. To test this, use a keyboard. Shoryuken is forward, down, forward just like MK1 Sub Zero’s fatality


Nope. At the very least, you have to do a 3/4 of a circle motion. A Chicken Wing motion from Fei requires less than that. A common way to do SPDs (one of many), is to do a half circle back, then keep going to up or up-forward + punch.

Hard work and practice. No other way around it.