Chicken Wing > s. HP link?

any tips on this? I can link Bison’s c.shorts x 3, but this link I can never get down…

This should have been asked in the “Simple questions” thread which is stickied. That way the fei forum isnt clogged with 293872394723978423 threads which all ask the same question.

The answer can be found in here (Which is in the “READ THIS FIRST” thread which is stickied as well), this link will take you directly to the “Simple questions” thread where the info is posted:

Look for this heading: “Is there a guide to landing HK CW > cl.HP xx Special Move?”

Officially changed the name of my Master guide to “EVERY ANSWER HERE” since people don’t really care to read it :razz:

These pricks won’t help you. I also have problem with it I think it’s on counter along side character specific

Wow harsh tone. The answer was just fed to him in Higgins’ post. Can’t see the need for name calling there.

-glad instead of reading the whole post that not only answered the question (by directing him to a video that I personaly made to help people with this question), but would direct him to the place that houses all the information any “new to fei” person would want to ask. You decided to not read the whole thing and pass judgement.

Also I think (and most of everyone in the fei forum would agree) I’m a pretty nice person that comes in here and helps as much as I can… you on the other hand, haven’t added anything constructive to this post and would rather cause a problem than solve one. Welcome to Bahlmur folks…

It’s linkable without being counter hit, it just becomes easier to link on counter. You’d know all this had you read Higgins’ post and viewed his video.

Shamelessly self-plugging your produced material? You’re an awful person that should feel bad!

Problem is though, if anyone ever gets a CH chicken wing, it means they’ve done CW from a naughty range, and that I’m gonna tell.

Still, I did enjoy his post, it was dismissive, insulting and uninformed, my favourite!

The link doesn’t work. =/

Links went down after the SRK upgrade for some reason. Here you go:

Thanks for the link

Higg1n5 video helped me nail this within 25 minutes of watching it. And taught me how to plink.