… or rather, how to get that old chicken-combo off consistently? (Novice Oro convert here, I stress)

Aside from getting a window for the cl.MP launcher (which I seem to find tricky enough as it is), I always seem to have trouble getting the timing right for consecutive launchers after landing from the first qcf+K.
I tend to find I’m constantly hitting the follow-up cl.MP too early, and so what comes out is the second cancelled-into qcf+K of the juggle, but not the crucial cl.MP hit that keeps 'em airborne.
Any tricks for getting the timing spot on so the second/final cl.MP always connects?
It galls me highly that what seems to be a key component of Oro’s game is eluding me… grr…

Also, am I right in thinking that specific match-ups require specific ‘strengths’ of K in your qcf+Ks to keep particulary characters airborne? Hugo, when not in a corner, for instance?

Thanks for any advice you can give, skilled Oro-ists!

Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Sean, and Makoto (and Hugo in the corner) are more difficult to chicken combo than the other characters. For them you need to time the launch later; let them fall to about your waist level.

The chicken combo does not work on Hugo midscreen, but there are replacement combos for him. It also doesn’t work on Yun and Yang midscreen unless they are slightly off the ground when you begin.

You always use the Forward strength chicken in the chicken combo, with one exception. If you are doing the chicken combo on Dudley, Alex, Necro, Urien, Twelve, or Hugo in the corner, you may substitute a Roundhouse chicken to pop them out of the corner and switch sides. This is useful for setting up more convenient Yagyou unblockables.

2-hit launch, walk up launch xx super or vertical superjump Roundhouse works on everyone everywhere and is easily confirmed.

You may also cancel a 2-hit launch into a Forward or Roundhouse chicken (the strength you use depends on the character), then follow up with a Strong Uppercut. It builds decent meter and is much easier to confirm than a single-hit launch into the regular chicken combo. This 2-hit launch into chicken doesn’t work on Yun and Yang midscreen, but everyone else including Hugo.

Be aware that Ken can easily punish a blocked launch with a Shippu, but it’s safe against everyone else. Against Ken, be ready to cancel the launch into a superjump if you see it being blocked.

hahaha i’m such a scrub, i’ve been playing oro for a long ass time now and i still can’t do chicken combo on shotos consistantly in play. shrug

some oro’s just run like a beast and build meter so they don’t have to do that shit…you see dirty-music do this a lot in coop cup 4

I have a question regaring his Close :mp:- What Jumping attack can I do before it? (DO i use Jumping HP or what?)

Close MP links with just about every jump-in (mp/fp/mk/fk … I never use jab/short jumpins so … bla), however in order to get it to link, these must be performed VERY late. Oro’s jump-in -> s. mp connection is a hard one, however if you’re learning lots of people, late jump-in’s is a great tactic, and Oro’s a good char to learn how to do it.

As for advice, getting the chicken on the characters Jinrai already covered is what you need to worry about. The ‘timing’ on it took me a few days to learn properly, and as I don’t play Oro a whole lot – it can be tricky.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who has abit of a problem with it. Perhaps my timing will improve once i get a better stick though, who knows?
One thing I’ve tried though… the piece of music that accompanies the chicken section of the ‘Oro - Man of Gold’ vid is actually quite useful for getting the timing on. Of course, remembering that precise rhythm in the heat of battle is a another matter entirely.

Even Hungbee and the Japanese mess up chicken combos on shotos once in a while, so don’t be discouraged. Just practice.

Jumping mk is a great cross up that is tough to determine which side you will end up on. Do it late into your jumpin and you can link a close mp into chicken combos.

Some real usefull tricks are like when you do chicken combos, reset on last hit with a close lp, then dash quickly behind and grab them. Also you can fool them again by wait a tiny bit then dashing to remain on the same side. After the cross up dash, another close mp is good for another launch when you catch them off gaurd.

With tengu stones after chicken combos on last juggle with a croutching hp and cancel into EX tengu. The c.hp resets and after activating the super use hk. They have no choice but to parry which is difficult.

I dont know about any one else but when im using yagyu, ex fireballs work great for pressure after a knock down.

Is it just me or does Elena look REALLY weird when you’re doing chicken combos on her? She seriously seems like she is about to hit the ground every time. Not hard to do on her, just weird looking.

she falls fast cause that bitch weighs like a ton o bricks

must be all the junk in the trunk

The thing I find about the chicken combo is you have to be nice and precise. I just always remember to cancel it off the first hit, so you plan to cancel the qcf+mk as early as possible anyways. A nice way to remember it is like, tap, qcf, tap, qcf. You have to just tap mp right before you go to do the qcf+mk, nice and quick. It sounds awkward but it is really easy once you get it; really easy.