Chicks, Kicks & Flicks - The Chun-Li Video Thread



Okay so the name of the thread is terrible. Sue me (or Tsu me?). I’m open to suggestions.

This post will be updated as necessary. Here you will find access to videos of Chun-Li for MVC3. Ideally I’d like this to have subsections for combo videos, tutorials, exemplary “How to Play X Matchup” videos, etc.

So post your Chun-Li videos!

Combo/Tutorial Based Videos


Combo Video by Lud

Combo Video by Desk

Combo Video by Tsujigiri83

Matchup Help Based Videos


Coming Soon

Misc. Videos



Will add more later obviously.




Reserved 2



Jwong showing several times over why Chun’s LL assist is not as spammable as people seem to think. Gonna have to be smart about when to use it.



Chun-Li starts at around 1:35. I don’t know how she can connect the A, after the generic 1,2,3 combo in the air though.


[media=youtube]91-kpfEptzg[/media] just a basic chun li air combo






Look what I found in the lab, guys




I’m stealing this link from one of the Doom threads. - teamkhaos -

The second round starting around 4:00 has Chun-Li making short work of Dante and an assist. I think the other player made a blocking error so its probably not a legitimate combo. That said the combo is very pretty.


chun li is BIZNESS. what is that combo?

c.A, c.B, s.C xx crumple fireball, dash in s.C, c.C>jump cancel, j.A, j.B, j.C, j.E, land, s.A, s.B, s.C, c.C, E, the rest looks like a combination of headstomps>normals, LL’s, double/triple jumps, ending with E (then tacking on Wesker for OTG into whatever)

and that dante players assist got re-comboed pre-taunt. good to see what other combo possibilities she has.


Already posted this in the Chun General thread, it’s in the links up top if you look.

I’ve updated the Buktooth Jump Loop to youtube instead of so it’s easier to find - [media=youtube]PMzAyXN9LjI[/media]


teamkhaos on

Buk was playing Chun earlier on this stream. Should be able to watch the recorded footage soon.


Tournament footage of my shitty Chun on my shitty team - Xanadu Games: SSF4 Live! - MvC3: HAV v. skisonic - Xanadu Games: SSF4 Live! - MvC3: Rugal B v HAV - Xanadu Games: SSF4 Live! - MvC3: Perfect Sin v HAV (Winners’ Final) - Xanadu Games: SSF4 Live! - MvC3: skisonic v. HAV (Grand Final Set 1) - Xanadu Games: SSF4 Live! - MvC3: skisonic v. HAV (Grand Final Set 2)



Desk’s Chun-Li combos



Something I came up with while messing around in training mode.



Not Much but heres what i came up with [media=youtube]OHngnkNTl2M[/media]


Umm… what’s stopping the opponent from blocking that?


i am thinking that’s where the glitch part comes in sentinel is trying to jump back or something and chun li on his ass so he cant.


that would definitely be blockable, until you get up to the high corner, and ive done that once in an online match, but i didnt have the timing down to keep the person there.

my question is when doing the headstomps, are you pressing :d:+:m: at the same time, or are you holding :d: and pressing :m:

usually when i try it, i just end up spamming the lightning kicks
not sure if its a timing thing, or if im not doing the inputs right or not