Chicks with Short/Shaved Hair or long hair?


All my fellow shoryuken-dwellers, it’s been a while. I was wondering what you guys thougts of girls rocking a very short do–I recently just shaved 1/3 of my hair and am curious about the general consensus on the topic
short hair

long hair
which style is better?

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that aint you…
but did you go amber rose short or what?

If you got some Fat knockers and a booty you should be skraight shawty!

Do you!


Examples are appreciated. Forgot what hair looked like for a second there.


Whatever hairstyle your mum has right now, I don’t mind.


I like girls with hella short hair, but I’m not really all that picky about it either.


Don’t mind either is fine with me.


haha, I like a happy medium lol


Anyway is nice as long as it looks decent on that particular person. Not many girls have short hair where I’m from…so a good lookin girl with short hair will stick out to me.


Dudes…you got BOT!


Well damn…aint a bad discussion though. * applauds*


I think only certain face structures can really pull off short hair and vice versa im a guy and i have long hair short hair just doesn’t suit me.


i’d love to bang a bald chick (but not one with cancer)


Bald, but with a wig. Love that fake hair. I want that chick from Fight Club who wanted to get laid one last time before dying…


this is a bot thread :coffee:


So… this was just a ploy to get us to click on some “deal” website. Good game, sir. Thine social engineering trick has worked. :tdown: