CHICO, CALIFORNIA Player lookin for Marvel 3 and SSF4 players to play with

I cannot seem to find anyone around Chico who want to play locally and possibly make some friendships and practice regularly to get better. Would love to have even just 1 buddy to play with on a constant basis. Hit me up if you are interested! Email me at qweets(at)

I know it’s weird, but Pacific North: Discussion & Matchmaking will probably work better for you, even though when anything else is referred as the Pacific North West it means Oregon, Washington, BC, and Idaho, not NorCal.

Yo fool, if you in Chico that’s a long way from Seattle. I’ll play you if you bring up some Sierra Nevada’s straight from the brewery there. Sierra Nevada was my hometown beer of choice. Bring a 12 pack and you got yourself a gaming shindig, I’ll host. hehe.