Chico California?

Any chico players around? I’d like to get in a SFIV community around here or something… hit me up

There was a tourney at CSU held by the Computer graphics club. Other than that I don’t think there’s a whole lot going on around there. I’m from Maysville and there ain’t shit around here, except Sacramento. There’s a tourney next saturday. Should be big shit. I’ll be there. Get hype.

I’m not good enough yet to play tournaments, I’ve wanted friends around here that I could practice with daily.

I know your pain man. There really isnt anyone around here to play with either. So I get one friend to play with a few times a week. Other than that I have to drive out of town to play. Chumps here in stockton are not trusting so the few that do post here dont want to meet up anywhere but some place called grapes. I would go to that place more but im a bit bias now. I really, really enjoy sf4 so much more if im playing it on my tv and not some puny 19" tube tv. bah

well i can drive up and play with you guys if you like i’m not the greatest. all i ask from you is that you treat me to frankies pizza