Chikara no Hadou: Evil Ryu Strategies & Match-up Thread



I’m having a hell of a time with Zangief using Evil Ryu.

Not only do I play Gief, but I have less/no trouble taking on Gief with other characters I play.

It’s like I don’t know quite where to be in terms of spacing, and more times than not he makes his way in. How does Evil Ryu tackle this match?


I’ll try again :wink:

Do we have a list of who st. HP xx MK Axe > st. MK works on mid-screen (and corner only)?


I believe it only works on Seth, Abel, and Poison. :stuck_out_tongue:


St.HP+M.Axe > St.Mk works on Abel, poison, Seth. Close.Mp+M.Axe > Mk works on Abel, El fuerte, rose, gouken, dhalsim, poison, & Seth.


I think cl.MP to MK Axe Kick works on all characters.


In the Gouken match, what are some tricks and tips for approaching Gouken. I have a difficult time making my way in.

It’s kind of shame on me, because coming from a Cody background, the Gouken match-up was the easiest, so I never really had to study the match too hard.

Any tips/tricks/dos/don’ts for Sheng Long?


So Daigo barely lost to Strider’s Abel at CEO and I’m pissed because Abel is such a cheap piece of shit 50/50 mix up characters like that take no skill not to mention he has option selects for literally everything. Can’t wait for SF5 no abel and no more option selects! Anyway I noticed Daigo wasn’t using any of the shit he did against Shiro’s Abel who he faced earlier. Daigo would jump in with lp which beats Abel’s anti air and he would also punish step kick with close mp into a combo. He didn’t do any of those things at CEO anyone know why those seem like good tech vs. that bullshit character.


Abel only has one or two footsie tools. He can’t mix you up unless you let him in in the first place.


Is there by any chance a go to punish for Bison’s EX Psycho Crusher? Maybe one for right in your face on wake-up and one a little further back on block?


If the Bison player is using it right, then no. It’s a free wakeup for Bison. You can beat it with an EX Tatsu on his wakeup. I just don’t think it’s worth the meter, though.

The thing is, if Bison is losing and he does a wakeup EX Psycho, he has to work his way back in against you, without charge and with one less meter. If he’s winning, well then he still has one less meter.

If you’re a little further back and he decides to EX Psycho, you can punish it with sweep. Good Bison players won’t use it on wakeup at this range, though.

Technically, EX Psycho is -16 on block, shit just travels really far.


I’ve been able to catch him with an autocorrect hk tatsu If he does it point blank on wakeup. As soon as he starts passing through you do df hk, by the time you finish the input and the tatsu starts you’re facing the other way and the tatsu chases him.


An advice on Abel match up: Forget about kara demons, it doesn’t work on him :’(


I know I’m way late to the party here, but I’m astounded by anyone saying Abel, of all characters, takes no skill. That dude is a fucking NIGHTMARE to try and use at any level. Abel takes no skill?

Man, I’ve got to get off the Internet. Between this site and Rule 34, I have now officially seen everything.


Hey fellow eryunites!

Lovely day isn’t it?

Anyways I was vsing my mate who uses Fei Long and I found out just how much mileage you can get out of cr.hp on Fei for whiff punishing.

So when Fei Long rekkas and it whiffs just do cr.hp into bnb and it will always connect from max distance…

367 damage for a whiff punish? Sounds awesome!


So what exactly happen to this match up thread nothing is up on the first page… or am i missing something?


Lol a lot of the character matchup threads are like that, tbh.


ahh I got you bro. guess ill just start hunting down info and making my own matchup chart.


Can we talk about MU again?

Any advice for Fei, Ryu and Ken? These three give me most trouble against Evil… what do guys?


I’m just going to copy and paste from my own personal notes.


* Don't jump. Expect chick wang.
* E. Ryu's slow but long range normals make him strong on offense when you can control the spacing but weak on defense when your opponent is controlling the spacing. Try to use your fireball to maintain Fei's respect in the neutral so you can jockey for a better position to use your normals in. Cr.MK is great as a tool but don't lean on it too much or else you'll get predictable and eat a baited whiff punish.

Focus is good against random rekkas. If you catch your opponent trying to frame trap you with rekkas constantly you can focus in the gap to punish them there too off a good read.

Bait and whiff punish Fei’s cr.HP with your solid walk speed and excellent cr.MK range. E. Ryu’s hop kick probably goes over those low attacks too, not a bad choice if you have a good feel for their habits.

Once you get the life lead remember to back off and make him work for it but don’t play too passive or he’ll walk all over your slow buttons.

If you get pushed to a corner just block him out. Those slow normals are ass on defense when you can’t go anywhere. Be patient. Evil’s just gotta bop Fei two or three times with a solid FADC combo, so playing a strong neutral, having patience, and building meter for full punishes will pay off more than a hair brain button you nervously mash in the corner.
* Do stand jab after fei blocks a fireball. Will stuff rekkas.
* Jabs have great priority, but chicken wing itself has pretty shitty priority overall. Any anti air will likely stuff it. Try it out in training mode.
* I’m not too sure how this match up is but I feel like it’s even ish. Fei Long’s strength lies in his excellent neutral game and whiff punishing. Do not whiff anything in front of him ever otherwise you will eat c.hp or rekka. Do not fuck with EX rekka or you will die. LP rekka is -5 on block so you need to punish every badly spaced one hard. If you focus a rekka, immediately let it go and you should crumple him, any delay and you die. Careful on your fireballs because the recovery sucks and he can jump in and hurt you or ex chicken wing. He also has an extremely versatile which can lead to big damage on counterhit and stuff. Your sweep will probably get rekka’d all day on block or whiff. Jumping is hard because he will dp you all the time. His focus is amazing too so be careful about that. I feel like areas where ERyu can capitalize on Fei Long is after a knockdown or a whiff punish since his damage does outclass Fei’s by a decent margin. Fei has always been weaker to mixup. Surprisingly he is weak to like mid range focus as he doesn’t have too many armor break. Don’t focus in range of jab to jab rekka though. Your main strategy will most likely be fighting in his strong neutral game and capitalizing on as much damage as you can on a confirmed or mixing him up on knockdown.


* Ryu can Ultra 1 through Evil Ryu's fireball
* Ryu can sweep punish Evil Ryu's cr.MK, Fireball when Ryu is in the corner.
* Punish misspaced sweeps with low forward, DP or LK Axe Kick FADC combo or while you're cornered.
* Focus dash through fireball, cr.LP, st.MP. If cl.MP comes out, MK Axe Kick. If st.MP comes out, LK Tatsu or LK Axe Kick FADC combo. Choose which axe kick on reaction.


  • Stay out of Ken’s step kick range and whiff punish everything.

Kind of broad advice against the shotos but you weren’t really specific on what was giving you trouble. If you have any other questions, I’m willing to give a more extensive breakdown on the matchups.


For Ryu use St.MK it will go over cr.MK

Ken is a little more tricky but I have found his fireball and AA game significantly easier to deal with than Ryu. It’s mostly staying out of Kara range.

Standing HP can counterhit step kicks causing a knock down.

Try to keep one back for EX fireball.