Chikara no Hadou: Evil Ryu Strategies & Match-up Thread

I can understand the forward throw into crossup. How would you accomplish hitting the tetsu after doing a backwards throw? I can’t imagine getting close enough. Going to try to create a setup tonight.

OK thanks. His oki off throws is a little weird. I’m used to straight up, throw > jump in > crossup until they block which is where I start mixing up. What strength Tatsu would you recommend for a consistent crossup though? I’ve been having trouble with jumping in Air Tatsu in general, it whiffs a lot for me

A good mix up with Evil Ryu after a throw is to not move at all and then jump into dive kick or cross up. If you do meaty dive kick it’ll combo without having to hit it at any kind of angle. Just use jabs afterward because you need to get out your fastest normal before they can block after eating a dive kick.In my case I actually did cr. LK first, which isn’t a good idea but I’m a Ken/Ryu player and I couldn’t get it out of my system yet to not do that.

But if you condition them to look for dive kicks, you can land cross ups combos afterward or look to punish whiffed DP’s. Just remember, you don’t have to move after a throw, the forward throw already puts in perfect range and gives you the time to time the dive kick. I’ve found that any movement of any kind makes the set up harder. And if you’re execution is good, you can do the axe kick combo for as much as 367 without any use of meter.

One thing I would recommend is the air mk tetsu crossup. Act link your going to jump on top of thier heads. Then, while you fall the mk tetsu hovers over the opponent and you score the cross up. Looks really weird but it’s effective. Just remember to to start the input just after the apex of the fall.

E. Ryu’s teleport is quite good, it goes through fireballs and even Sagat’s Ultra… I baited and I teleported right through it

Yeah, so does Original Ryu’s MP! It can even stuff Bison scissor kicks and Psycho Crusher, use it on reaction!

^that info its goin to help me dealing with Bison’s spam of SK and PC : \

Been having a hard time dealing with that tbh.

Btw, still in Bisons topic, how are you guys dealing with Stomps? I’ve tried SRK them, but it trades and those trades, E.Ryu can’t afford getting much of them.

for a back throw, try cr. mp then forward jump for a safe jump (wont work in the corner though)

You guys found anything you can do to counter dive kicks? Or good anti airs at all? His srk almost always seems to trade and not in his favor due to the low hp

For close jump ins that get close to crossing up i know c.hp works but for far jump ins and odd angle ones especially dive kicks i feel at their mercy.

For jump ins from a further distance where cr. HP is a bad idea, use st. HP or st. HK. My friend played a lot of Yun and Yang and I would consistently anti air him when he jumped my fireballs and use dive kick to get in from about two-thirds of the screen away.

what about when they are closer up the dive kick just rapes me, i am 100% free against a person who spends 5 minutes in training with yun/yang.

Hopefully this thread becomes my best friend. ( Do the Yun match up first please >.<)

St. MP is a good option when they’re close but not in your face. I also used it numerous times against my friend. Evil Ryu has good anti air options against the twins, but it’s like you’re Dhalsim at this point. You have to know which normal to use in the right situation. There is the good ol’ Dragon Punch, but I figure most of us don’t have the reactions to use it effectively, plus we don’t want to get baited by the short dive kick to make it whiff. But for those who can, I’d say it’s always the best option when the twins are really close to you.

I cannot wait for this thread to flourish in information. I had trouble all of today dealing with Dictator pressure in the corner. I actually have never known what to do against that. As far as Evil Ryu goes, how have you others fared with this?

One more piece of good news for today guys. Chun will actually have to block or guess dive kick/cross up against Evil Ryu on wake up. If you score a throw(not too sure about sweep), you can do a meaty dive kick and avoid EX bird and punish afterward. If you’re a Ken/Ryu main’er and are switching to Evil Ryu then I’m sure you know how irritating Chun can be. Knock her down and you can’t do any jump in pressure at all because EX bird beats everything(unless you do a early empty jump to bait, but these can easily be seen coming).

I haven’t tried any option selects yet so I’m not sure how or if they’ll work.

The match where I discovered it

What do you do against Zangiefs? His forward jump heavy punch has a weird hitbox, it hits even if you see some air between it

And what to do against Guile?? He can walk after his sonic boom and do a backhand fist, and when I try to jump over it I get Flash kicked

For Zangief do HP SRK from crouching with the downforward downforward shortcut to beat his jumping fierce clean.

for guile im guessing just stay crouched and mk if he walks up to do SBF it only hits high so cr.MK beats it.If its like the O.Ryu/Guile matchup you have to play really patient and block or neutral jump sonic booms,in the O.Ryu/Guile matchup ryu cant play footsises till hes just outside of his own cr.MK range.

For regular stomps you can j.MP to ultra or SRK,for EX stomps you can do a really late jump back roundhouse to beat it or just dash under

as for the corner scissor loop(the one where they do LKs to SK then another LK to SK you can s.LK after the first SK,this will make the LK miss and you can jump out of the corner

That make sense I guess but you can punish close sweeps by Ultra 2. Right now I can confirm this for Makoto, Balrog, Ryu, Ken, Akuma. I didn’t test further but I think you can do it on most of the cast…

far is a great anti-air against Zangief from far away.

If you’re trading with his uppercut when anti-airing, you’re uppercutting too early or not using mp/hp.