Chikyuu and Twelve

Just curious here, why did Chikyuu switch from Necro who is now arguably second tier, to an arguably bottom tier character? I mean I know Chikyuu has a reputation for choosing oddball characters, but even the oddball characters he’s chosen have been pretty good in the past, like V-Sodom and Anakaris.

And whats Chikyuu’s ratio of wins with Twelve vs his ratio with Necro? Has anyone asked him why he switched, or why he’s using a character considered crap in a tourney, where people will usually choose a character with a better chance.

Or is Chikyuu just so bored with Necro and figures Twelve has a pretty good suprise factor behind him? Anyone asked?

I’ve done the exact same thing without really thinking about it. Twel(e)ve is a more difficult character to use, but he feels better. You can’t damage for crap, but outside of that you have a billion options on countering and mobility playstyles. Necro gets stale.


As far as I can remember, Chikyuu has always used both Necro AND 12. Even in that old B5 exhibition video you can already see him get streaks with 12. All the other vids I’ve seen show him using both characters alternately. It seems he’s been using 12 more in SBO2 qualifiers recently though, but I don’t know if that really means anything.

I didn’t personally ask him about his choice (although if you’re really interested I can try next month at Absolution), but given how good he is with both characters, it doesn’t really matter which one he choses to stick with to be honest… He looks like he can beat anyone with both, and Necro really isn’t that much better than 12. Whoever considers 12 crap doesn’t know 3s very well IMO, he’s just harder to learn than most characters but definitely not crap.

As usual, the whole Necro fad probably has more to do with the current top Necro Japanese players being freakishly good more than anything else. Chikyuu’s probably using whichever one he finds most fun at the time. As for using low tier characters, it’s not like he’s the only one doing that. You’d be surprised at how many (good) 12 players there are in Japan, like Moto or Pistachio. People don’t know about them because they don’t travel outside of Japan. Personally, I don’t think Chikyuu really cares about how “good” his characters are considered, didn’t he use Raiden in CvS too?

Yes he did, and he rode him to 2nd place at B5 IIRC.

Didn’t he also use R.Mika against BAS in the A3 finals of that same tournament?


Yeah he used V-R.Mika in the last game in the last match, I dunno how wel he did though, people just say he lost, I’d like to know by how much.

I just downloaded the N3 Chikyuu and Izu finals, and I see after 3 matches Necro can’t seem to come up with any more tricks to keep people guessing. I’m thinking Twelve has more things he can pull to catch people by surprise?

I will face Chikyuu at abs. :smiley: :confused:

My main chars are Ken and Oro. I will (almost sure) use Ken, since i think that his air EX Tatsumaki will limit a lot his air dashing.

Ive never seen him facing a Ken player. Do u guys have? How does he manage?

Another thing he does a lot is airdash HK, then mix up UOH, / low move, / throw. I think that risking a random srk, or a guess parry into super is a good idea, since the risk reward goes in Kens favour.

Also take care of his EX ndl, which he uses very well and when u less expect it.

Do u have any strats that could help me? Anyway im really looking forward to that match and see how he ruins all my battle plan id had prepared lol

I suppose he’d try EX F.L.A.T against anything that high priority, but I’m just guessing.

I did find it interesting that he decided to use Twelve for all of SBO2

I was watching some matches of Chikyuu’s Twelve from EVO 2k2 and N3, differences I saw that he used jumping RK, EX AXE, and cr. SK >> AXE alot more as well as jump-in RK, cr. SK >> AXE, cr. SK/FK, st. RK.

Wonder if Chikyuu has come up with anything new since then?

There’s a match between Hitotsume and him on Shirube. And all I can say is… Good luck. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, he won B5 against Nelson. He used some ridiculous team like King/EX Sakura/Raiden. Raiden’s sprite apparently is a natural counter to Nakoruru’s cross up, as she can’t do it to him. But I don’t think that’s the primary reason why he picked him.

Granted, I believe Nelson won a couple then started fucking around and Chikyuu came back and owned him.

Where s that Shirube page / site / server?

Oro is very very good against twelve in that particular matchup. RH and jump RH are excellent against the Air dashes, and Oro’s overall shortness really helps him out. Look for opportunities to walk/dash under the Air dashes (when twelve is sufficiently afraid of eating another RH) to get the close strong into tengu.

Try the Go For Broke hub or #gamecombos, that vid is already a few years old.

chikyuu is twelvneto player =)
outside of go for broke hub what are some good match site for older 3s japan videos?

What u mean that Oro’s (standing RH) is excellent against Air Dashes? U mean that it has very good priority against 12 air attacks?

Also, would be a good idea to do lots of double jumps, since it seems that air to air, the match is in Oros favour?

actually , we thank chikyuu and other ppl that was good with twelve …

for making us think that twelve was good too … i’m a chikyuu fan now …:sweat:

Oro’s standing RH has good priority against… everything. Air to air is definitely in oro’s favor because twelve can’t do anything about his jumping RH except parry, and it he starts doing that, you start making use of the air throw.

Has Chikyuu given up on 3S? I remember reading somewhere that he’d allow other players spots for the 2k5 evo 3S tourney since he doesn’t play seriously anymore, and from watching his 2k4 Twelve footage, it just doesn’t look as sharp as the 2002-2003 stuff I’ve seen.


I didn’t know he even used Necro> Anyone have some vid’s of it?

I don’t know if this counts as an oddball character but he uses Ratio 1 (I think) N-Groove Raiden in CVS2, but I think Raiden is much better than Zangief. ALong with Rolento and you don’t see that many Rolento players as compared to Blanka or Sagat. And I remeber he was the 1st person I ever saw use Blackheart in MVC2

Most of his Necro can be seen in the old 2003 US vs Japan and Japan vs Nebraska vids.

I think there was a match with 5Star taking on Chikyuu who switches to Necro after getting beaten a few times against Ken(probably Twelves worst matchup).