Childish Admins in Godweapon

I’ve heard of some people being banned for dumb reasons, but this is ridiculous.

I’m constantly on the recieving end of trash talk from ‘_dk’ members
And i Said ‘dk sucks!’ in response.

Shiro_dk, being the douchebag that he is then bans me from the server.
This is a ridiculous abuse of power. Why are people like this allowed admin rights?

If NoX or someone in an actual position of authority on GW sees this please clear me of damage and revoke Shiro’s admin rights ASAP!

its not permanent
u should be able to play anywhere from 1 minute to half a day
de[ending on how long u were banned for

lame. Should not be banning anyone anyways unless they are impossible to live with (not mentioning any names).

Don’t hate on Shiro <3

But as for the banning, get used to it.

I’ve been banned for roughing up Nox members in a3, their server, their rules… apparently.

The only Admin “safe” to play (for me) is Eiji/UnknownX but that’s only because I know him from outside kaillera and Shiro. Everyone else slams the ban hammer whenever you do something they don’t like. And that could be anything from, shouting racist, abusive shit in the server or beating their ass in a game or just making suggestions for improvements/changes.

Eiji’s a decent guy. Refuses to ban for anything that isn’t an outright offense.

i ask people to chill on the racism and ask them not to post porn links
cause alot of little kids play on gw
i always warn someone before i even think about banning
if they keep it up ill tell them to stop again or they will have to play in another server for a while cause i will ban them
and if they still persist then i will ban

but i wil only ban if people are being out and out racist or giving the links to porn
i could care less about the shit talk or losing in a game
cause if im losing im learning something
and ive been to plenty of tourneys
particularly ec mvc2 tourneys they can prepare u for any amount of shit talk u will recieve
so that shit just doesnt bother me

lol…those kids are obsessed with sex anyway…of course they are already looking at porn. Those links shoudln’t be posted because usually the idiots post those in response to someone asking for roms…

See that everyone?
Emil is in favour of providing kids with porn.
“Kids are obsessed with sex anyways”

…what a douche

I’d have to disagree.
Honestly, there aren’t a lot of kids on kaillera, and the ones that are there are mostly SSB players who don’t go to GodWeapon anyway.
Haven’t seen anyone younger than like 13 in the last year or so, and most people are looking at porn by age 10/11.
I could probably do without seeing stuff like lemonparty though.

I think we all could.

i don’t recall you ever roughing me up in a3 lol. ever… only person who roughs me up and its not a lot is ryu1999 hes a damn good player and i don’t think i banned him ever. There’s another person who roughs me up ken1999 or some shit plays with ken a damn good ken at that but as for you Rocklee sorry man its never happened. I’m sure I have banned you for that mouth of yours. Saying the shit you just said now “Nox members ban when we lose” is a ban for making bs up and portraying us as childish. I don’t like that at all so from now on be-careful what you say when I’m around I see that type of shit out of your mouth some more on my server and ill permaban you. As for Soaphead11 Ill lift your ban. Talking shit is fine with me I don’t care much for clans at all. So ill have a talk with shiro about what type of things i look for when I am about to ban. Aim me at xxgodweaponxx… I’m far to lazy to find your ip in the logs send me it and ill lift the ban.

I was silenced by Shiro for saying Naruto is a poor anime.

Plz don’t act like this doesn’t happen.

Myself, Lucky, Plutoburn, KS have ALL been kicked/banned for beating those associated with you or the server whether you yourself realise it or not. And don’t blame it on shit talking because I know at least I rarely talk and neither have any of these guys whenever I’ve played 'em.

And if you are the nox-whatever A-Akuma player who contiunues picking him loss after loss, then yes I have clocked up V’s. Whenever I’ve tried to drop or say “last game” after maybe 5, 6 games I’ve banned off for like a day. And I didn’t say nox members/admins ban, I said I have been, for whatever reason that may be.

Thanks NoX

I know most of the admins are good guys and wouldnt ban things such as losing, trash talk etc.

I think some people just get all crazy when they have that kind of power

I often wonder what criteria are used in selecting the admin. Banning someone because you cannot beat them and then crying “cheap play” does not justify banning. I have seen it more times than I care to and I think it is pathetic.

Shiro just banned me because I cancelled the file transfer of a rom he wanted, because he wouldn’t unsilence me due to an accident with the all caps filter. What the hell is this idiot doing…

Lets set the record straight. I have banned people before for 5 or 15 mins due to DISRESPECTING an admin. Just because we are ADMINs, doesn’t mean that we automatically are good at the games. We get admin status through a variety of ways. Some donate, some are friends, some just show the capacity to manage a server for a period of time. Alot of people that go into that server say alot of stuff that would automatically get you banned for life in other chat rooms, i.e. aol, msn, yahoo, etc…

I could care less if I win or lose at SF anymore, I haven’t played the games seriously for like 4 or 5 years now. But if you start running your mouth and say things that are blantantly offensive to me, you will get SILENCED first, then BANNED. End of story.

Racial comments
Blatant offensive language directed towards an admin
Blatant mass join unjoin of chat or game

So the next time someone comes in my game and plays me and types this,
“You fucking nigger piece of shit.”
"Fuck you cheater nigger.:



Thank you and have a great day,

Uh…somehow I think that if your criteria for banning people were what you say they were, there would not be so many people that have problems with you. There are several people that have come forward saying that you banned them just because they schooled you in whatever game, including myself. So thanks for your post, now everyone knows that you’re not only a childish douchebag, but a liar as well!:rofl:

yes!! WSOP is a liar and definitely an ass hole. He has banned me several times just because he was losing over and over and also accused me of using autofire.

Alright everyone. Discuss this all you like, but it’s starting to degenerate into an arguement. Keep it more civil or I’ll reset this thread.