Childish patterns? I don't understand

Hey guys, I’m guessing I’m doing something noobish and want to better myself since I don’t really know a lot of the need to knows.

Anyways I played a guy online he beats me but after the match he sends me a message saying my “patterns are childish”

My main is viper, the only things I really know what to do is her BnBs, feints, and some what of good burning kicks. My game plan is very basic for now just so I can get comfortable with timing in doing everything but I’m quite confused on what he meant by that. Basically, when he gets far I bk myself in, some attemps on cross ups, then bnbs and feints, then seismo if needed. Nothing fancy still learning the game -_- anyways he tells me to try to mix it up by not zoning? I don’t understand what he means by that? I know the term zoning, but how exactly do you mix it up by not zoning?

I love these posts

why dont you go to gamefaqs?
dont create this threads here.

Just do you, Learn more by playing and learning from the C. Viper forums. Alot of the guys on here are dicks so pay them no serious mind. Just have fun!

use her more aggresively.


Hes just saying that because he was able to read you.
The person you played against has no idea what he was talking about AT ALL.
He just happens to have alot more experience in the game than you and he decided to show you by sending you rage mail even after winning.
Don’t worry about it, keep playing and getting better. If you follow a pattern you’ll know it better than he does. Keep on fightin’ bro.

Hmm I just remembered reading how I can ask how noob my question can be to post here, did you three blind guys not read my question? Anyways thanks Ema Lovely, and Kaos.

I don’t understand also how this relates to others people posts, I’m not QQing, just curious on how I can better my strategy. trolollolol fail.

Why don’t you ask him what he means since he’s the one who said it?

If you want to know how to get better with C. Viper I suggest posting in the C. Viper boards, not posting in the Newbie forum asking “What does some random online player mean?”

And you’re curious why you’re getting trolled?

If you have a pattern to begin with then I can see what the dude is saying. You shouldnt be predictable, be more random, it sounds like.

That’s a dumb and bizarre insult. Children are button mashers. They can’t even do special moves.