Chile Earthquake, Hawaii Tsunami Warning

Hawaii just got the tsunami warning and is expected to hit Hilo, Big Island first. Though we have yet to receive an evacuation notice, we are in a high tsunami warning. Many events have been canceled and has been said that this will be a “significant” event.

The news is showing everyone stocking up on gas and water, the camera shots of the freeway are super empty. Kind of eerie but I’m sure it wont be too bad.

If worst comes to worst I hope you guys will be able to help us or at least spread the news if we do need help! If anything happens I’ll try to keep updated!

edit: I’m going to head out and check up on friends and family, make sure they’re prepared just in case. If something does happen, I’ll try to update when I can.

there’s a thread already,

That’s discussing the situation in Chile while this thread is discussing the situation in Hawaii/the Pacific Islands.

what does this mean for the lost season finale?

They’re in the highest hotel on the highest floor right now and their agents are trying to fly them out asap. So it’s probably gonna be delayed, lol.

I’m not worried about it, personally.

what about your porn collection though? make sure that is locked up and is safe

I am hoping that nothing happens. I am not worried yet…but when the News tells me to run for the hills…then I will definitely be worried.

same here, I live by the Ilikai though. so I asked my cousin in waipio to come pick me up just in case.

I’m not worried so much about the tsunami as I am about the after effects. Worst case scenario: beach areas get messed up and no electricity for a few days :confused:

Not particularly worried either, especially after reading Ducky’s facebook news article post. :tup:

Ducky will pimp slap that wave with his libido alone dude, like some sort of kinked out suoer hero.

If hawaiians like surfing as much as caucasian dudes (of debatable sanity…they’re usually crazy-ass college kids. You know how wild college kids are.) here, there’ll be people running FOR the beaches in droves singing

Awikiwiki, mai lohilohi Pii na nalu, la lahalaha
Lalala i ka la hanahana
Helehele mai kakou e

Rob, you always know what is really important.

People in Hawaii always overreact to shit though.

I don’t know, from experience my penis tends to get things wet. Things don’t get dry when I whip that shit out, so I don’t know if it will work for this situation.

never thought i’d be glad not to be living in hawaii

Shouldn’t be too bad. Looks like its about to start soon in hilo. The water level dropped a lot in the last few minutes. I wonder how many hours this is supposed to last

Hit Hilo already, doesn’t look that severe. They are about to call it off in an hour or so, I heard. I haven’t noticed anything from my house, but I can only see Pearl Harbor.

Looks like you guys have nothing to worry about. I’m sure you’ll be just fine. If they’re about to call it off, how bad could it be?

Heard these news this morning…I feel really really bad… Gonna send out some donations when I get the chance.

Ducky, brother, stay safe man. We need your porn knowledge in this forum.

back it up!