Chile - Torneo Tetrico 2 Resultados (Chile - Tetricus Tournament 2 Results)

This tournament, realized in Santiago - Chile, was with 40 participants, and start with 8 groups of 5 people each one. The 2 best of every group qualifies to the double elimination part of the tournament which consist on 2 brackets, getting two winners at the end of the tournament.

The Participants

The brackets of the double elimination phase.

And the stream :


Bracket A
Supreme Champion: Young Hou
Worthy Adversary: Chipp
Maybe Next Time: Chicken
4th place: Magho
5th place tie: Perroql
7th place tie: Nova

Bracket B
Supreme Champion: Qxuxa
Worthy Adversary: Cless
Maybe Next Time: Kenmaru
4th place: Cangu
5th place tie: Jadoquen
7th place tie: Panta