Chill Time Freeplay @37 Dessert Union CityCA 02/26/2011-every Sat & Sun SSF4 or MVC3

Greetings Fans, Players, Spectators and all in between,
We are kicking off a SS4/MCV3 free play event at 37 Dessert in Union City with any purchase of a drink, snack, or dessert per player. We have one setup on the ps3 system with one fightstick and one controller, feel free to bring your own joysticks/controllers. Winners stays; new comers play winners. Games played will be decided on how many Super Street Fighter 4 or Marvel Vs Capcom 3 players are here.

Every Saturday/Sun
Time: 5pm ends at 12am

1767 Decoto Road
Union City, CA 94587