Chillout, Trip Hop, Electronic Music Thread


Didn’t see a thread for this so I made it.

The above genres are what I find myself listening to the most nowadays. I love how the vocals aren’t the meat of the songs, if there are vocals at all they’re just there to compliment the piece itself. I don’t like dubstep for the most part. Only if it’s light or a remix like the famous Song of Storms one. Its difficult to put these into genres since everyone has a different idea of what they are.

One of my personal favorites



Song of Storms remix




This isn’t similar to what you are doing here…?


White girl+edm doesnt=triphop.


Nah, Nujabes is around the vein of Chill Hip Hop. Trip-Hop and Chillout is something totally different (being considered the Bristol sound). There are elements of Hip-Hop in the genre of Trip Hop and what not, but there is a difference (Tricky, Massive Attack, Portishead and Sneaker Pimps to name a few)

Here are some of my favorites.




I love me some Portishead








Some of the more recent posts are reminiscent of stuff that isn’t really Trip Hop, esp the non-4/4s. However, I kind of get the feeling that it doesn’t really matter :rofl:. Are we going to be genre inclusive in here?


Uuuuh thread title says electronic as well as the other two so yes?


Starslinger, check:



would flying lotus count? I have lots


Don’t really know wtf this trip hop chillout noise is, but this is chill electronic music:


And some classic trance aka chill at first but goes ham toward the end:





Here is some flylo