Chillout, Trip Hop, Electronic Music Thread


5 years later and this song is still anthemic to me. Bliss. Perfect. It touches my soul.


I’ve been listening to Manes a bit lately. It might be a bit experimental for this thread, it’s Trip Rock basically, kind of like Ulver.


New Toro Y Moi is pretty great.



Been listening to only trance music for the past few weeks. Holy shit I’ve been missing out. Can anybody drop some tracks?


This here reminds me of some of the Streets of Rage and other techno type of video games. It’s tight!!!

Kinda reminds me of this:


Emerges from within the all-concealing shadows and places this in the thread.

Welcome to the deep end. Enjoy your trip.



Remember when Snoop was doing some Eurodance techno song…


OMFG. I keep hoping I’ll wake up in a world where that DIDN’T happen.



Nobody can beat the 1990s German techno, rave, house, trance, dance, and EDM music in general. Here is but just a sample of one of these songs. It’s just the tip of the iceberg:


Yes, yes, my friends. Again, modern EDM bullshit aint got shit!!!

Here are some more goodies. They used a real bass drum and/or the native american pow wow drum:


Hear the pow wow drum in this song:


Probably not the right thread, but fuck this story is fascinating to me:

Glad to see they finally found her, amused to see that I can totally see her as a bus driver in that video.