Chimp board installed on MLG TE Stick, successful but maybe stuck on analog control


Hey all, I have two questions actually, but first, I’ll say I have a PS3 MLG TE stick, and it currently has a chimp board. I have tried holding start when plugging in on PC, that goes to bootloader mode, holding home does something else, not sure. The reason I think I’m stuck on analog mode is because I am unable to map the stick to emulators like NeoRageX and also some doujin shmup games.

So my questions are what should I do to enable this, and also, second question, what should I do so I can unmap home/guide to the PS home button on the stick? Thanks.


To test whether your ChImp is truly stuck on Analog, plug into a PC and check out the device in the “Devices and Printers”. If you right-click and go to “Game Controller Settings”, then click on “Properties”, you should see the following:
(inputs labeled)

I belive Cthulhus and ChImps are designed to activate BOTH the D-Pad and Left-Analog stick at the same time. Press some directions on the stick and see what happens here.

I’m not sure what you’re asking with your second question; you want to unmap/remove the use of the stock PS button?