ChImp issues


This concerns dual modding a xbox 360 madcatz round 2 TE stick with the ChImp. After installing the ChImp, all functions of the ps3/pc worked great! When plugged into an Xbox it also worked, but there were a few issues. First issue: I cannot navigate the Xbox guide with the joystick. All of the buttons work fine and the Xbox guide button works fine, but I can’t seem to move around the home and store. It is stuck highlighting just the game. Second concern: When the stick is set to DP, and I hold down on the stick, if I press or hold roundhouse, it disables my down input on the joystick. Instead of crouching roundhouse I get standing roundhouse. My last concern: so,e of the joystick directions have a delay as if I am holding them longer than I need to. This especially happens with left and down. If I hold left for 2 seconds, then go back to neutral, my character will continue to walk left for another second. Please help me. Any advice would be helpful. I would like to try to save this stick without having to replace that board with a Xbox fight pad pcb. I honestly don’t know what to do at this point. I disconnected everything, and then organized the cords inside, and then reconnected a different chImp, and the issues still occur. Worse part about it is that this isn’t my stick… It’s one of my friends… So I really need some help.


Sounds alot like the Xbox 360 PCB to me.<br><br>Can we get pics of the wiring to be certain <br>


I ended up changing the xbox pcb. Thanks though.<br><br>