Chimp smd+ supergun controller


I want to wire my xbox stick that’s dual modded with a chimp smd for use with my supergun. I initially thought the original modder soldered the wires to the chimp, but he didn’t. He used the screw terminals. Will it be fine run wires for the db15 port into the screw terminal along side the wires already in there?


Yes. Make sure your chimp gets power from the DB15.


+5 goes to the vcc screw terminal for power?


Yes, in this case treat your Super Gun like a board in a Dual-Mod


Thanks. Just made my cable. About to start wiring now.


Some of the terminals are blocked by how the board is glued to the case. I don’t wanna undo the glue. Will it be fine if I do some wires directly to the buttons and others to the chimp? Like mix and match?


Yeah that’s fine. Electrically they both go to the same place.


Got it done! Just gotta organize.


Welp. Tried moving the wires over to my favorite stick. Plugged into the xbox 360. Worked fine. Unplugged and then plugged into supergun. Nice magical smoke. Now it doesn’t work on xbox anymore. Player panel lights up faintly and then goes away. Not sure i screwed up the chutulu, the xbox pcb or both. Does anyone have any suggestions before hit up Gummo?


Ugh, that sucks.


Since I had nothing to loose, I cut the usb wires going to the Cthulhu from the Xbox pcb and ghetto soldered them to a spare usb cord. The xbox pcb is working fine. So I either damaged the imp or the cthulhu. Not sure with one.


Which 360 stick was it? Several of them weren’t common ground.




That one’s common ground at least. You should be able to connect the Cthulhu to your PC and see if it comes up or not.


OH. Didn’t think about that. I’ll give it a shot on my lunch break.


The IMO is still wired to it. If it didn’t showed up on the pc, will cutting the imp from it possibly make a difference?


I’m not sure on this. You’re wanting to use the plug on the Cthulhu while the Imp is attached, right?

I think it would depend on how the Imp is wired. I may be wrong on this but I think there is a way for the Cthulhu and Imp to interact for some sort of auto-switching, perhaps this is interfering somehow. I would assume, if this is indeed the case, that you can override auto-switching with a button held down when plugging in (just insert a wire between GND and whichever input/inputs need to be held down on the Cthulhu).

I could be going off on a tangent here though. You shouldn’t be able to harm anything by plugging in the Cthulhu while attached to the Imp.


Plugged in the Cthulhu with the Imp attached and got smoke again. I find that weird because I undid my wiring that originally screwed it up. Anyway, I’ll cut the imp in the morning and see what happens.


Which one did the smoke come from this time?


Smoke was coming from the Cthulu Cut the imp from it and plugged it in. Got the same thing. So I’ll need a new one