Chimp wiring diagram

I am posting this because one I haven’t seen an acurate diagram on the wiring of a “Chimp” to a Madcatz 360 TE Fightstick or a SE of that matter and two I have a couple questions on modding a PCB with the Chimp…This is my first time modding with a Chimp (if someone has a direct link please attach)

This is a diagram i wrote up displaying the connections needed to be made… is the Diagram correct?

The whole point of the chimp from my understanding is not only to be compatable with XBOX360 and PS and less soldering/wires but to have only one USB wire connection to the consoles. Now looking at the diagram do I solder a wire from D- from the TE PCB to the white D- on the Chimp and a wire from the D+ on the TE PCB to the Green D+ on the Chimp?


Don’t solder any of those wires, and solder a USB jack to the chimp and run my USB cord to the consoles from the USB jack on the chimp. Or can I use the USB cord from my orginal xbox360 TE to connect to a PS3 for example?

Also, just to make sure, I understand that the chimp has about 4 grounds on it, can i just pick a ground and run it to a ground on the TE PCB because it is a common ground PCB or do I need to ground the chimp to the TE in multiple places, for example have a ground on all the spots on the CHimp and run one wire to the TE PCB?

As far as the connections with 1k,2k,3k,4k,1p,2p,3p,4p and up, down, left, right, start, select, and home which are self explanatory, are there any other connections that need to be made with with xbox TE PCB and the Chimp???

Thank you so much

Your diagram has the USB data points from the xbox board incorrect, they should be going to the XD+ and XD- holes.

Toodles’ diagram is here:

You should link image from the correct URL so that brighenne and I didn’t have to do what we did to see.

I apologize, and thanks alot brighenne that makes so much more sense, I don’t know why i couldn’t find that link anywhere… anyways that helps big!