China is Reportedly Selling Pills Made Out of Dead Babies to Enhance Stamina

I can understand Chinese people eating Dogs as China’s Food may be limited but this is Ridiculous.

What the hell is wrong with them? I swear some people… its like something out of conan the barbarian… this is 2011 is iit not?

This is some Soylent Green type shit.

Stem cell research haha

you know someone had to.

a chinese biochemist was also the first to synthesize HGH in the lab.

dead babies are lulz

cant… say im surprised

^ you have the best avatar ever

“From the test results they were also able to tell the gender and found hair and nail remnants.”

So they might’ve had actual babies instead of just fetuses- not saying fetuses are ok, mind you - uuuuuuuuuuuuuurgh…

This could be the best thing since Yahoo! Answers babby meme

oh China…youse so crazy…

They already use tiger penis, panda paws, rhino horns and still that isn’t enough? I heard rumors years ago about fetuses being an underground delicacies in certain areas but I didn’t want to give them credence.

Why the hell do they care so much about sexual stamina? Seems 99% of their black market crap is dedicated to keeping their johnsons working.

Chinese men love to drink semen from all sorts of creatures.

I woke up, took a shower, and decided to check SRK for a couple minutes. I say this thread in the Recently Active section. And I thought to myself “Do I REALLY want to enter?”

v_v This is going to haunt me all day, dammit.

Why waste a perfectly good dead baby right?

sovereign china >>>>>>>> you

They tell me the chinese waste nothing, but this is ridiculous. Fishjie has some PR work to do today.

Hard to tell if the news source is truly legitimate. The article is loaded with “supposedly” and “rumors”, and there’s not a lot of evidence. Koreans doing the investigation also makes me feel iffy, since they had a vendetta with China in the long past, and we know how much asians love to hate eachother.

I find it disgusting how China is viewed by so many that have had next to no experience with the country. Stories like these amount to anti-Chinese propaganda. Does this story sound at all logical? I know I believe everything i read!

does it work?