China Sega Astro City clone


At the china alibaba website, there is a company selling clones of the Sega Astro City.

Does any kind souls have any experience with this Sega Astro City china clone?

What are the PROS and CONS?

I notice it has a LCD display.

Thank you for your time

LCD? There’s nothing remotely Astro City about that. Avoid it like the plague.

clones in general are a good thing to avoid in general. they’re a mess with non standard parts, measurements and shoddy build quality. Expect a long gut and rebuild process if things aren’t wired to jamma spec.

Yeah, someone once posted his work log rewiring and making fixes for a Chines clone of a Vewlix cab.
He pretty much had to gut the whole cab, new power supply, new transformer, new wiring, new buttons and joystick, new speakers
I didn’t know if he replaced the LCD screen or not.

I agree, LCD screens should only be in older cabs if a suitable CRT screen can’t be found, and even then many consider it heresy