China Town Fair Street Fighter 4 Team Tournament 2v2 Results


Congratulations to the winners and good games to the competitors. Here are your results.

1st - Dragon God & IFC Yipes (Team Empire B)
2nd - Andre & Rahsaan (Team Empire A)
3rd - Auto Demon & Aqua
4th - Damdai & DS
5th - Zotha & Vizard
5th - Adnan & Chris Hu


  • Auto Demon and Aqua puts Empire A in the losers bracket.
  • Zotha and Vizor team is forgotten in the tournament due to a horribly built bracket by Marn forcing TriForce to make Zotha/Vizor, Rahsaan/Andre and DS/Damdai to face off in a three way mini round robin.
  • Adnan holds his team together due to Chris Hu taking emergency leave.
  • That leaves me to wonder if the Empire teams would have been able to hold off Chris Hu and Adnan. Sighs…I grow ever so disappointed.
  • Empire A and B trash talk each other on the Train ride back to the ARC. I’ll post the video soon.
  • Zotha, I hear that you wish to represent the Empire in FiFa. We’ll talk at the BattleField 7.
  • Andre and Rahsaan Team Forefit in the Grand Finals due to them being scare of the Dragon God and IFC Yipes.


Man I just need a better partner next time. So disappointed that I was pulling all the weights.


dont be salty LOLZ


yes i would love to represent Empire Arcadia in FIFA, you just dont know


Yo I just bought a shitload of mortons on wholesale.

Fifa? as in soccer?


as in futbol ma nigga


Arcadia in Soccer? Weird…


…and here…we…go



You’d be surprised at the many different games we all as a whole play competitively and casually.


i could listen to yipes trash talk for ever man, shit is gold



Yes we forfeited but we were not scared, me and rahsaan still remain undefeated in Team tourney. Anybody not empire wanna take me and rahsaan on in 2v2 feel free to come give us money.


STFU Andre.


I know I played like absolute shit, no need to rub it in.


fuck ass partner of mine not even showing. good shit empire. good shit. Ya’ll didn’t have to deal with america’s number 1 scrub bison lmao


QFT :cool:


Of course a spanish person would represent in soccer “futbol” LOLZ


I really wanted to show up but I got bad news yesterday and lost a close friend of mine… hope the tourney was a success and DS still sucks. Stay up everybody.


Associating things now just because of stereotypes? :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d better get on that ping pong tourney.


shout outs to runnin the tourny.

no shout outs for beating me auto demon, sending andre and evil R to losers and sending us home after match 3

good stuff Nec


bend it like zohta