China/US relation discussions

Recent news:
South China Sea disputes could lead to war:

US now modernizing Phillipine’s army:

Vietnam protests regarding South China Seas:

On a less serious note: New San Francisco bridge built in China to be shipped to US:

It seems that the tension between our two countries are just getting worse and worse.Think we are ready in case this war ever breaks out? What are everyone’s thoughts about China’s new assertion? I’m curious to know SRK’s view about the rising tension.

All hail our new Chinese Overlords

All hail what? The fuck China will be the new overlords in an actual military conflict.

We must get them to show us Kung Fu… those of us that show promise.

Would be nice if we worked together on energy efficient strategies!
Trains or something…

Yes, everyone has nuke and stuff… But does china have Jets n what not?
Blockbuster has taught me much about China. the struggles, the people, the culture… lmao…
China is a fuckin country like everywhere else… Sadly, most of us dnt know whats “its really like” over there.

I look forward, if I every get the chance, to work with them in the Business field