China Vewlix Clone Discharging electrical shock


I recently purchased a vewlix clone from china.
It works great and all but the metal conductive parts give off an electrical discharge (electrical shock kinda feel).
I suspect it is not properly grounded? can anyone advise.

I’ve a shot of the psu. not sure if it helps


hmm i think the G is not ground. they might have wired it wrongly?


Based on articles I’ve read and videos I’ve watched about these clones, derps wiring things incorrectly is a common thing (also having the voltage rating set to the wrong region—though that wouldn’t render shocks…just make your psu overload circuits).

Though it may really be just a wire’s sleeving/shielding that’s stripped somewhere and is contacting metal of the frame. I’d check all the wire routing (at least as much as you can) before swapping out wires at the psu


Hey there, as you saw on arcade otaku, I replied with I don’t think your power is earthed correctly.

There’s no earth line to the chassis, you will most likely need an earth line from the psu to the metal chassis.


This ^, 100%.

Your Power supply has the DC ground (The G) for +12 and +5 volt sources, but it’s not wired to Earth ground which goes to the ground prong of a 3 prong mains power cable.
Also make sure you don’t have Live and Neutral mixed up on your Mains voltage.

You want to ground your metal Chassis of your cab to earth ground, and have that earth ground tied to an actual grounding prong of an electrical outlet.

These are all symbols for Earth Ground.