Chinatown 7/2 Tekken 5 quick results

Since some Street Fighter players play T5 and vice versa here are the non-official quick results given to me by Justin over the phone.

Not sure how many people entered.

1st - Justin Wong (Empire Arcadia) (Feng)
2nd - Josh Wong (AdultDVDEmpire) (Steve)
3rd - LOC/Gay-Tyme (VA) (Feng)
4th - Jinmaster (Empire Arcadia) (Nina)
Tied for 5th The Game (Law) (Empire Arcadia) / Sanford “Santhrax” Kelly (Empire Arcadia)

Justin thinks Henry “Censei” Cen got 7th. Realyst and Ajani both either got 7th or 9th.

Brian H was not present.

From what Justin tells me. He beat Spero Gin (TNY) first round. 2nd round he beats Rich “FBI” (TNY). 3rd round he beat Sanford. He beat Jinmaster in winner semi’s. He beat LOC in winner’s finals. He beat Josh Wong in finals.


good lord.

josh f0cking wong…