Chinatown Arcade NYC, do they have SSFIV AE yet?

I’m thinking of going down this weekend, but I wouldn’t want to go for no reason.
Has anyone been there as of late? And what are the current line up?

Last time I heard (two weeks ago), my friend who went there, one of the buttons on the Blazblue stick were broken, specifically 2nd player.

Yes, check the CTF thread in matchmaking.

MvC2 3 machines (one in the corner)
MvC1 (next to the DDR machines)
Puzzle Fighter
KOF Neowave
KOF 90 something
Guilty Gear
Capcom vs Snk 2
SvC chaos
Rumble Fish
Blaz Blue
Sega Gt
Some other racing game
Tekken 6
Melty Blood

That may not be the full line up, but that is what i have seen so far.

How much per play on AE?
Also, is Blazblue fixed?

Yes. It’s 1$ a play.