Chinatown CvS2 players

I am fairly decent in this game. Anyway, I was there monday and this chick was really good with Sagat Mai and Yuri. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d last as long as I did. My best team is Kyosuke, Hibiki, and Rock lvl 2.

Yes I know, a really low tier team. But I have mastered Kyosuke’s Air combo madness…

I wonder if that was Q…if not then who was it? Yet another female playing CvS2? Interesting…

some november ctf tourney vids

i will get the rest up after work

Maybe I can be in a few of them someday… Anybody else a CVS2 fan?

i think those were semi finals winners and losers and on? not sure

It was your alter ego

Why does Kourin-chan always let me win? :sad:

N groove?

I know Q doesn’t use Yuri. I think I might know who that was.

lol theres a chinatown cvs2 thread.

I remember that while at T6 in Canada, Q told me she used Yuri, so that’s why I thought it was her. But I could be wrong…

I didn’t let you win. The sticks made sure you won:arazz:

Yeah N groove.

Am I the only one that sees my team as… well…


Well, Q stopped by CF Friday to confirm that it WAS her who played that team; mystery solved lol

Humph. Anyway, does anyone here use Kyosuke but me?


nope:lol: :lol:

HEY YO its me, its me, its RDG (RUSH DOWN GOD) VDO here, just wanna say what up N.Y, and also whats the hot day for comp at ctf? I was there sat night and it was a lil comp there but not enough GIVE ME MORE! I’LL BE BACK THIS FRI NIGHT GENTS HEH HEH HEH!

Hey VDO! The best day for comp would be Friday night, so show up, man! Look forward to seeing your nasty P-groove again:tup:

VDO was at CF on Friday night, crackin skulls (including mine…)

hey VDO will you be at the CF tourney thats coming up??

HEY YO hopefully I will be able to, when is it bro?

Damn you reply fast. lol. anyway here is the link.

its on the 25th, damn sorry i couldnt stay and get some more games in on friday, too many tokens/money matches up for me to even get some decent play in but damn you owned me free!!! hahah hopefully we can play again so i can get more serious, ive been lazy with comp, no SERIOUS cvs2 since like november, you slapped me around but i wanna run it back in tourney, your pgroove is too slick and always gives me a tough fight lol

Art owns ME freeeeeeeee! :sad: