Chinatown Fair 08/16/08 MvC2 Results

This tournament had a decent turnout. Liston is cracking down on people who come late; Good shit.

1st. Erik “Smoothviper” Arroyo (Scrub/Row/Santhrax)
2nd. Desmond “Xecutioner” Pinkney (Santhrax)
3rd. Josh “J360” Aponte (Mag/IM/Sent)
4th. Nelson “Remix” Reyes (MSP/MSS)
5th. Arthur “Baby Wolvie” Catigbe (Santhrax) / Javier “Khameleon” Chorrillos (Santhrax/MSP)

Highlights Include

  • Erik Arroyo winning another CTF marvel tournament
  • AK vs Liston rematch, AK winning again
  • Nelson Reyes 1 pixel away from perfecting Desmond
  • J360’s Iroman guardbreaking the universe.
  • Mike losing to J360, going to work, comming back to play his next match and then leaving to work again…

Overall good tournament. Video’s were recorded by AK and hopefully will be put up soon.


it was good shit, i’ll do better next time. had fun. good shit rahsaan for takin my 5 :stuck_out_tongue:

Good stuff guys. It’s too bad I couldn’t have stayed much longer to record more of the later matches, but at least we got started at a decent time so I could at least get the winners bracket finals down. Thanks Liston for running these tournaments. It’s a lot of work to get everyone together and started.

That’s some intense competition. I’ll be putting up videos soon.

Yo real talk this nigga Erik is Unbeatable in cf tourneys

As always good shit guys, Desmond good games its always fun trying to get thru all the bullshit lol…

Smh CF sticks have gone from bad to worse!!! henry finally has a reason to swap them out now… :shake:

my bad i didn’t post the results i was tired. I was a good turn out and the tourney ran smoothly. c u guy at the next one. Hope to c u there Kellz

gs to everyone and to desmond for scraping my shit freely in losers finals. I cant cope with your shit at cf its too good!

I really need some water haha…

That win Was for Young Arroyo!

Twisted lookin kinda greedy in top 5.

All videos I recorded (thanks Arthur and Josh, too) are available via this linked playlist on YouTube:

good shit on the matches, “Is That his Demon” lol

EDIT: So who got that bounty?

Erik won ANOTHER cf tourney lol can someone Please tell Desmond to play team scrub or row and stop being a stubborn ass and picking thrax on Javier #2 in the finals.


amazing stuff

thanks for the vids

yo those videos r crazy. good shit to all the playerz every1 stepped their shit up awesome

I need to step my Marvel up if ima compete in these tourneys. Havent been there in a minute. Impressive comp in every match. Dats hard to find.


des doesn’t need anyone other than than the bitch and the bot you KNOW this

keep it up des just don’t be so reckless lol

wish i was there

much love to everyone there

good shit guys

I know its kinda ol and shit but whos whos:

Sanford- Prez
Justin- God
Brandon- Osama

Marvel moment a few years back at the Break Bryheem sayin The President wants to take on God. funny good shit:rofl:

Also werent they on the same team against the west in a TT?

I wanna play marvel again… :[